Yes! Free tutoring is available at the STEM Learning Centers on 5 campuses. Just walk in and stay awhile or call for a one-on-one appointment!

Tutoring sessions are meant to be interactive.  You can expect to ask and answer questions, to clarify important concepts, and to work problems together.  Tutoring is intended to be supplemental learning support, not to replace class lectures or doing homework.

What you can expect from us:

  • A supportive learning environment and accurate, relevant information.
  • Staff trained to understand and respond to student needs.
  • Timely communication regarding center changes and events.

What we cannot provide:

  • Tutoring is a learning supplement but cannot guarantee a grade or class outcome.
  • Tutors can explain concepts but not simply provide answers..

When you come into a STEM Learning Center for the first time, a tutor or the center coordinator will explain how to sign in on the computer to request tutoring assistance.  Please bring any materials that you need to get your questions answered (textbooks, homework, notes, etc.). After the tutor helps you, they will let you work independently for a bit.  You may log back in as you need help throughout your time at a STEM Learning Center in order to receive more assistance. 

Tutoring for math courses up to MATH 1210 is available on a drop-in basis whenever the STEM Learning Centers are open: STEM Learning Center Operating Hours.

Tutoring in upper-level math courses, statistics, biology, chemistry, physics, GIS, geology, and engineering is available at specific times and centers during the week.  For more information on tutoring subject availability at a specific STEM Learning Center, please call 801-957-6800.

Drop-in tutoring is unlimited! You are welcome to come in to any STEM Learning Center on a drop-in basis throughout the semester as much as you need.

Some students may qualify for additional tutoring sessions. For details, please see the coordinator at any STEM Learning Center.

No!  Our tutoring sessions are completely confidential.


Workshops are led by qualified faculty members from the academic discipline related to the workshop.

Workshops are open to any SLCC student. 

Workshops give students an opportunity to ask questions and work through concepts with an instructor in collaboration with other students.

Registration is not required for in-person workshops, students may use the calendar to find a workshop time and location that is convenient for their schedule.  Online workshops require registration in order to receive a link to join the workshop at the scheduled time

Online workshops are facilitated through the WebEx platform, and run by instructors.  Students can ask questions through online chat.  Online workshops are recommended for online students only.  


The School of Science, Mathematics and Engineering Symposium is an annual, day-long event designed to encourage students pursuing degrees in STEM related fields to develop their communication skills. In addition to student projects, the SME Symposium hosts industry guests, department tables and guest speakers from STEM related industries.

The SME Symposium takes place during Spring semester each year

Students may enter the SME Symposium under a variety of presentation category types, including Team or Individual Technical Posters, Oral Presentations, Written submissions or Scientific Demonstration. Information about the requirements of each category type can be found at the SME Symposium site.

Students must submit an abstract online at the SME Symposium site. Submissions will be evaluated based on the participants' abilities to provide an abstract that includes the above information and upon the potential merit and coherence of the abstract.