Presidential Community Engagement Awards

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The purpose of the Thayne Center Presidential Awards for Community Engagement is to recognize the work of outstanding faculty, staff, students, alumni, clubs, sustainability and community partners supporting the efforts of community engagement at Salt Lake Community College.

There are seven recognition award categories.

  1. Committed Community Partner- recognizes a community partner for exemplary work as a co-educator with SLCC students.
  2. Community Engaged Faculty Member- recognizes a faculty member for exemplary community engagement with a Thayne Center partner.
  3. Community Engaged Staff Member- recognizes a staff member for exemplary community engagement initiatives, including use of Community Engagement Leave with a Thayne Center partner.
  4. Community Engaged Student- recognizes a student for exemplary community engagement.
  5. Community Engaged Club- recognizes a student club, organization or group for exemplary community engagement.
  6. Community Engaged Alum- recognizes a Thayne Center alum for lifelong community engagement.
  7. Sustainability- recognizes a student, student organization, staff member, departement, faculty, or adminstrator for exemplary work in the field of environmental sustainability.

Honoree submissions are not currently being accepted at this time. Check back soon!!