Civically Engaged Scholars (CES)

The vision of Civically Engaged Scholars is to prepare students for a life of engagement with systems, institutions, and community partners; thus, assisting communities to achieve liberation and self-determination by providing foundational knowledge to approaches and tools of civic engagement.

The mission of Civically Engaged Scholars is to develop, implement, and foster civic and community engagement; nourishing mutual transformative relationships between community organizations and members with SLCC, both as a community and as an institution, will bring equity and justice into the lives of many.

The goal of Civically Engaged scholars is to retain students through co-mentoring spaces and to assist in the completion of their chosen educational path.

The role of Civically Engaged scholars is to support SLCC in its retention of students and completion of educational pursuits.

The Dental Hygiene Program, Occupational Therapy Assistant, and the English Department are Engaged Departments. All graduates from the listed areas are eligible to participate and graduate from Civically Engaged Scholars. Please reach out to your organization’s head person for more information.

Community Engaged Learning and Research
Community Organizing and Activism
Direct Service
Policy and Governance
Social Entrepreneurship and Corporate Social Responsibility

* Adopted with permission from Stanford University’s Haas Center for Public Service.

Program Requirements*

  • Six (6) Service-Learning Credits
    • Three credits can be completed by taking SLSS 2100
  • Two-Hundred (200) Hundred Hours of Involvement
    • One Hundred Hours of Civic Involvement
    • One Hundred Hours of Community Involvement
  • CES CANVAS course (non-credit)
    • Create and Manage Civic Engagement Tab in e-Portfolio
    • Complete CES Orientation
    • Complete Six Concepts
    • Meet Once a Semester
    • Attend One CES Event a Semester
  • Attend University of Utah’s Annual Civic Leadership Conference on the first Saturday in November
  • Spring CES Showcase
  • To graduate, a minimum 3.0 GPA is required

*CES strives to be an accessible, equitable, inclusive, and just program. If you are concerned with a specific requirement, please reach out to the CES Coordinator to discuss possibilities and alternatives.

Program Benefits

How to Join

  1. Register by clicking the blue button at the bottom
  2. Join CES CANVAS through emailed link
  3. Meet with CES Coordinator: Cristobal Villegas

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