Executive Council Purpose Statement

SLCC Student Association (SLCCSA) is an organization composed of student leaders who are driven to inspire, assist, guide, serve, represent, and include students of diverse cultures, abilities, and ages by:

  • Addressing student issues & needs
  • Providing access to opportunities
  • Being believable and trustworthy
  • Building communication bridges
  • Collaborating with faculty and staff
  • Working with the community

SLCC Student Association Constitution
Coming soon for Fall 2022
SLCC Student Association Bylaws
Coming soon for Fall 2022

Student Association President

Lindsay Simons 
Student Association President

Equity and Diversity

Jesus Ruelas 
Equity and Diversity Vice President

Student Senate

Emmanuel Mukaz 
Executive Vice President

Clubs and Organizations

Angel Star 
Clubs & Organizations Vice President

Central Region

Anahi Padilla-Oliver 
Central Region Vice President

North Region

Shelby Campbell 
North Region Vice President

South Region

Danielle Higgs 
South Region Vice President