SLICE: Student Leaders in Civic Engagement

Lead, learn, engage!

Now accepting applications for SLiCE 19-20!

What is SLiCE?

The Student Leaders in Civic Engagement (SLiCE) program is designed for students who are out to change the world! Managed through the Thayne Center for Service & Learning, this program will help you:

  • Develop leadership skills;

  • Learn about local community needs and how you can get engaged;

  • Discover different pathways to civic involvement;

  • Engage fellow students in meaningful service opportunities in an inclusive way;

  • Be a student voice to create positive social impact on campus.

What types of projects would I be working on?

Here is a list of projects that SLiCE students have worked on in the past. Actual projects for 19-20 will be determined based on individual student interest, the goals of the SLiCE cohort, and community partner availability. 

  • Earth Day
  • Health Access Dialogues
  • YMCA College Access Day
  • Continuums of Service Conference
  • Food Access Workshops
  • SLiCE Retreat
  • Thayne Center Marketing and Video Outreach Projects
  • Direct Service with Community Partners
  • Issue Area Exploration and Presentations

Why should I get involved?

Leadership Experience: As a SLiCE member, you will learn about principles of leadership and be expected to organize, mentor, and mobilize other SLCC students in order to benefit community partners and the Thayne Center. You will also learn skills and competencies related to leadership that can be applied beyond community settings, such as project management, grant-writing, budgeting, and more.

Community Impact: Each SLiCE student aligns their work with an issue area throughout the course of their year in the program. Ideally, the issue area supports and builds upon your academic pursuits and interests and so that you are getting tangible and practical experience for your long-term career. Through individual and collaborative projects, you will have the opportunity to implement direct service with Thayne Center community partners and raise awareness of their issue area on campus.

Funding: Successful applicants may be offered an AmeriCorps Education Award placement, a tuition waiver, and/or a living stipend. Additionally, applicants may be given priority placement for work-study or a college internship placement. 


 Visit the SLCC online scholarship application site, AwardSpring.

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  2. Use your MySLCC username and password to sign in.
  3. Complete and submit the General Application and the Student Leaders in Civic Engagement (SLiCE) Application.
  4. Complete and follow-up items listed on the Dashboard.
  5. Check your BruinMail and visit the scholarship application site for updates on the status of your scholarships.