Student Travel

The information on this page pertains to all student travel, outside of Athletics, in regards to participation at a conference, academic or club related competitions, class field trip, retreat, sporting event, or other College or Class-related travel with SLCC students within Utah and out-of-state.

All student travel, outside of Athletics, must be reviewed by the Thayne Center. The process for initiating a student travel request is identified below. All travel requests are subject to review for budget, liability, and safety reasons. 

For students traveling with an advisor or faculty member, it is recommended you work with your advisor to complete these steps.


Step 1:  Read through and complete steps 2 through 7 at least 30 business days in advance for out-of-state and 20 business days in advance for in-state travel to allow for routing and approval.
Step 2:  Using the required templates located here: Required travel templates; put together your budget, flight and/or ground itinerary, and student list. 
Step 3:  Obtain a detailed travel agenda or program including dates and times.
Step 4:  Create and provide travel participant list including staff or faculty advisors. This list must contain S#'s, names as listed on their valid government ID, student/faculty/staff, birthdate, best contact number.
Step 5:  For all student clubs or organizations: Create an itemized travel/conference budget. This must include all funding sources and all anticipated expenses. 
              a. Travel requisitions cannot be processed if the funding sources cannot be verified with sufficient funds.
Step 6:  All overnight trips: Create a document containing all lodging information; name, phone number, and address.
Step 7:  Open and complete the Student Pre-Travel Approval Form
Step 8:  You should receive an email a Thayne Center Staff Member regarding the status of your travel request within 3 business days of your request. If you have not heard from us in that time please call 801-957-4555 to check the status.
Step 9:  If approved, complete and submit the following Campus Groups forms
             a.  SLCC Advisors/Faculty/Staff Travel Waiver and Student Travel Waiver for each member of the group.
             b.  They must be submitted no less than 10 business days prior to travel.

SLCC Travel Guidelines