• US Citizens or Permanent Residents who meet residency requirements for Federal student financial aid.
  • First Generation College Students
    You are considered a first generation college student if neither of your parents has a bachelor (4 year) degree or higher. It does not matter if anyone else in your family, like a sibling, has earned their bachelors. The bachelor’s degree must be recognized as accredited in the U.S.
  • Low Income
    Income guidelines are set by the Federal Government. If you qualify to receive federal financial aid, the chances are good that you meet the necessary federal income guidelines.
  • Graduating from SLCC and Transferring to a Four Year School
    You need to be an admitted, degree seeking student who will graduate from SLCC in an eligible STEM program and transfer to a 4 year institution to be eligible.
  • Program requirements:
    You must declare an eligible STEM major/transferable degree within one semester of being accepted into the program. Please see advisor for complete list of eligible majors.

Note: Students who meet the first generation college or the federal income guidelines and all of the other criteria may qualify.