Career Advising for Undocumented Students

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela

Undocumented students face numerous challenges including limited access to certain legal and financial benefits. Despite these barriers, getting a college education could empower you to attain your dreams, improve your quality of life, and contribute to your community.

Education is the one possession that can never be taken from you. Envision yourself as college material, explore your career options, and prepare yourself academically for college.

Whether you have always known what you wanted to be or are not sure what profession you want to pursue, start thinking about your future now.

Career advice:

1) Explore your interests:

2) There are many career paths with potential legal employment opportunities including self-employment, independent contractor, and freelancer.

  • Culinary Arts (chef, restaurants, catering, etc.)
  • Computer Science (software programmer, repairing/installing technician)
  • Journalism/Communication Arts
  • Radio & TV Broadcasting
  • Media Design
  • Entertainment/Marketing (wedding coordinator, corporate event planner, motivational speaker, consumer goods sales agent)
  • Business Management
  • Accounting
  • Trade-based specialties (carpenter, electrician, mechanic)
  • Medical Office Support (transcriptionist, coder/biller, health information management)

Be aware that:

  1. Some professions, such as teaching, nursing, mortuary science, surgical tech, and social work have additional licensing requirements at the state or national levels.
  2. Majors that include a paid internship or field work (employment) as part of their curriculum typically require a Social Security number.
  3. Volunteer positions and unpaid externships may be an option with a passport, visa, birth certificate, or other type of government identification that is acceptable to obtain a background check.

Not sure what course of study or major to pursue?

SLCC’s Career and Student Employment Services offers guidance to all students on choosing a profession and learning more about the occupations involved with each major or training. The following services are available to all students:

  • Career advising
    • Jordan Campus 801-957-6215
    • South City Campus 801-957-3361
    • Taylorsville Redwood Campus 801-957-4978
  • Workshops (networking, social media, E-Portfolio, resume writing, and more)
  • Mock interviews
  • Referrals for volunteer opportunities
  • Online career advising tools: Career Coach and Virtual Job Shadow
  • You can also e-mail your questions to an advisor at

Please visit Career Services website for further details.