About Us


All people in the SLCC community will respectfully support those who want to produce high quality, effective writing.


WitC@SLCC collaboratively develops initiatives and programs to serve the writing needs and goals of—and to improve the culture, climate, and practice of writing for—all stakeholder groups at SLCC (students, staff, faculty, and administrators). 


The WitC@SLCC program will: 

  • Local Environment: Grow from the specific environment that exists at Salt Lake Community College.  While it will draw from WitC best practices, only those practices appropriate for the SLCC community will be pursued.  
  • Respect: Respect all students, faculty, staff, and administrators as the program develops. This means that all initiatives will value the resources already in place (and potential resources) and will recognize the presence of boundaries and limitations that also exist.
  • Collaboration: Work with other departments and programs on initiatives and projects.  The WitC program will not re-create or attempt to change that which is already working well to support a culture of writing at SLCC.  
  • Self-Interest: Prioritize how its initiatives and projects can serve the self-interests of all involved individuals, departments, and other programs.
  • Change: Be a continually evolving web of projects and initiatives; as the college environment changes, so too will the Writing in the Clasroom program.



Tiffany Rousculp, Professor, English Department 

WAC@SLCC Advisory Committee

  • Zack Allred, Assistant Director, Library Services
  • Hector Amezcua, Student Representative
  • Deanne Arvizu, Professional Development Manager, Center for Innovation
  • Cindy Briggs, Assistant Professor, Business Management 
  • Nick Burns, Associate Dean, Communication and Performing Arts
  • Craig Caldwell, Dean, School of Science, Mathematics and Engineering
  • Alex Czaja, Advisor, First Year Experience
  • Allison Fernley, Associate Professor, English
  • Clint Gardner, Director, Student Writing Center
  • Peggy Hoffman, Assistant Director, Student Life and Leadership
  • David Hess, Program Director and Assistant Professor, Mortuary Science
  • Clint Johnson, Adjunct Faculty, English
  • Cristin Longhurst, Associate Professor, English 
  • Bryce Quintana, Administrative Assistant, Aviation and Related Technologies
  • Jason Pickavance, Interim Director, Faculty Teaching and Learning Center