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Forklift Operator

This program typically takes 4 weeks to complete with both on-line and in-person coursework. Upon completion, students will have learned the theory and safety practices of driving a lift truck and will have demonstrated safe driving to pass a practical evaluation.


Salary / Monthly Openings

Entry-Level Wages: $13.57
Median Wages: $14.95
Openings: 525

Occupational Data, 2023, Salt Lake County, Lightcast Economic Modeling


Forklift Operator Certificate 2 course 4 weeks $428 Register Now


Title Time Commitment Funding Available Investment
Warehouse Operations Forklift Theory 1 week | Self-paced/4 hours Yes $169
Warehouse Operations Forklift Evaluation 3 weeks | 1 day/week Yes $259


The SLCC Forklift Driver training is 100% OSHA compliant and taught by qualified instructors

This program can be completed in 4 weeks

Students receive certification card upon successful completion of course and driving evaluation.


* How long does it take the complete the training?

- The online training component is open for one week and takes approximately 4 hours to complete. After that, you will have 3 Saturday sessions, up to 12 hours of driving time, to prepare for and pass the operator evaluation

* What is covered in the training?

- Students will first learn and be tested on the theory and safety of lift truck operation. With a passing score of 80% or higher on the written exam, students move on to the practical evaluation, required by OSHA, with our qualified instructors.

* How long is the certification good for?

- Per OSHA mandates, certification is valid for 3 years from the date of completion.

* Do you have more than one kind of forklift?

- Yes, the college has numerous types of machines available. Chances are at least one of them is the same type you will use on the job.


50% funding for the Forklift Operator available through STIT.

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