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The not-for-credit, fully online Genealogy courses are available as single courses or students can complete a bundle of courses to obtain a Basic or Advanced Genealogy Certificate.

SLCC’s Genealogy program will introduce you to today’s high-tech world of genealogy with courses in genealogy computer systems and software, how to research and analyze evidence, writing individual and family histories, and instruction in the relevant field of genetic genealogy research. Additional elective courses are offered to help anyone who wants to prepare for accreditation and certification.


Certificates are optional. The Basic certificate assures students have all the basic training. The Advanced Certificate is required to register for the Preparing for Accredited Genealogist course.

  • 5 courses
  • 40 weeks
  • $2,125
  • 7 courses
  • 56 weeks
  • $2,975

Basic Genealogy Certificate

  • Introduction to High Tech Genealogy (prerequisite to all courses except Writing Life Stories and Genetic Genealogy)
  • US Genealogy OR International Genealogy Research 1
  • Tracing Immigrant Origins
  • Writing Life Stories (prerequisite to Genealogy & Family History Writing)
  • Genetic Genealogy
Advanced Genealogy Certificate
  • Complete the Basic Genealogy Certificate 
  • US Genealogy OR International Genealogy Research II
  • Genealogy & Family History Writing


Title Time Commitment Funding Available Investment
Intro to High-Tech Genealogy 8 Weeks $425
US Genealogy Research I 8 Weeks $425
US Genealogy Research II 8 Weeks $425
International Genealogy Research I 8 Weeks $425
International Genealogy Research II 8 Weeks $425
Tracing Immigrant Origins 8 Weeks $425
Writing Life Stories 8 Weeks $425
Genealogy and Family History Writing 8 Weeks $425
Genetic Genealogy 8 Weeks $425
Researching Irish Ancestry Records 4 Weeks $325
Preparing for Accredited Genealogist - taught Spring and Fall 16 Weeks $425


Genealogy work gives people a sense of purpose and intrigue as they uncover the mysteries of their ancestors. It provides opportunity to socialize with family members and other genealogists.

Genealogy helps people learn about their ancestors to connect more deeply with their sense of self by learning where they came from, who they were, what they did, the trials they overcame, the accomplishments they made, and the dreams they had. It can also unlock doors to medical histories that can be useful to themselves and their living relatives.

Genealogy requires learning new skills working on computers, with software, doing research, logical and analytical thinking, and gives an opportunity to reminisce and explore their own pasts as they discover the history of their families.

Some genealogists become so skilled they decide to start a business helping other discover and accumulate their own family history stories.


* How will I communicate with my instructors?

- Email is the primary mode of communication with your instructor. Consults via phone may be scheduled through email requests. All instructors notify students of their office hours and make themselves available at agreed upon times each week.

* What is the tuition refund policy?

- A full refund is issued if the course is dropped within 24 hours BEFORE the course start date. NO refunds are allowed after the course begins but student are allowed to transfer their paid course to another course, term, or semester.

* What are the computer requirements to take genealogy courses?

- Desktop PC or Laptop; Tablets and mobile devices are not compatible

- Internet access; Chrome or Firefox work best with Genealogy courses

- Wi-Fi bandwidth to stream video instruction

- Access to Canvas, SLCC’s web-based Learning Management System (given after you register)

- Microsoft Word or other word processing software; as an SLCC student, you can receive free access to Microsoft applications through the SLCC’s AllAccess Virtual Computing Environment once you are registered

- Roots Magic, a genealogy software; instructions on how to purchase it will be given after you register

* What course load should I expect as a new online learner?

- Genealogy online courses are rigorous, college-level learning and require focus, discipline, and attention to details to complete assignments on time. A considerable amount of reading, both online and in printed textbooks, video viewing, and online research is involved. It is recommended that you take one course per term and plan on 12-16 hours of study time per week.



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