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MATH 1040 - Introduction to Statistics (QL)

MATH 1045 - Introduction to Statistics with Integrated Algebra (QL)

Credits: 3
MATH 1040: This course is recommended for students in programs desiring statistical literacy, including but not limited to Social Science, Behavioral Sciences, and Nursing (college may require 1040 or 1050). This class includes descriptive and inferential statistical methods. Topics include sampling design, descriptive statistics, linear regression and correlation, probability, sampling distributions, and hypothesis testing and confidence intervals.

Pre-requisite: Math 0990 (0980) with a C or better or placement through the SLCC placement process.

Credits: 4
MATH 1045: This course is a study of statistics using exploration and data. As this is an introductory course, there is emphasis on terminology as well as basic concepts. Common sense and intuition will be nearly as useful as experience and background. Statistics used to describe (descriptive), statistics used to predict (inferential), and simulations are three major themes in this course. MATH 1045 contains all of the statistics material from MATH 1040, but also contains additional instruction in arithmetic and algebra useful to statistics.

Pre-requisite: There is no required pre-requisite for this course, but it is assumed the equivalent of Math 0920 concepts are known. This includes but is not limited to a basic understanding of using fractions, percents, decimals, and minimal algebra.


  • 2 hours of homework outside of class, for every hour you spend in class.
  • A list of homework exercises will be posted online.
  • You are expected to work homework assignments from each section that we cover by the next class.
  • You are encouraged to work more exercises than those assigned as regular practice is essential in learning mathematics.
  • You will be asked to complete at least one project in class.

Please note: Many students find that much more time is required in order to perform as well as they desire on exams.


  • Four, hour long exams and one final exam.
  • All examinations are closed book.
  • Full credit will be awarded on test problems only if your work can be readily followed and solutions are precise and correctly notated.
  • No exam grade will be dropped.
  • Calculators will be allowed on some problems.
  • You will be given formula and statistical tables on exams.


  • All students must take the final exam.
  • The final will be comprehensive, emphasizing topics listed under the course objectives.
  • You will be asked to complete approximately 25 problems in two hours.
  • You must recieve higher than a 60% on the final in order to earn a grade higher than a D.

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