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SLCC English and ESL Placement

Welcome to SLCC!

Trying to figure out which class you should take first to fulfill your Composition requirement can be confusing when you are just getting started. The good news is that we have some great resources for you.

To learn about the English or English-as-a-Second Language classes that you can take, click on the “Explore English/ESL Courses” button below to see short video explanations of what each course is and who it is for.

Explore English/ESL Courses

After you completed the SLCC Placement Process we encourage you to enroll in the course placement that you receive, but you may choose to enroll in one course below or one course above it. *For example, if your placement is for ENGL 0990: Integrated Reading & Writing II, you may enroll in that course, or you may enroll in ENGL 0900: Integrated Reading & Writing I or ENGL 1010: Introduction to Writing. If you have questions about your English scores, please visit:

Questions about your English score?

If you have questions about which English class is best for you or other issues related to getting started at SLCC then please take time to speak with an academic advisor.

Click the “Contact an Advisor” button below.

Contact an Advisor

If you are an English Language Learner and would like to enroll in an English as a Second Language courses, you will need to complete the ESL Accuplacer Placement test. Your recommendation will include instructions that explain how to do this. Click below to learn more about ESL Placement.


Now that you know about our English/ESL placement process, you are ready to get started.

*Students receiving veterans’ benefits may not enroll in a course below the placement. Doing so may affect financial benefits.