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SLCC Math Placement FAQ

When do my scores expire?

Your math placement scores will expire 1 year from when you take it.

Is retesting allowed?

Yes. If you have tested previously and want to retest, please be aware that after the first time taking the test, retakes are limited to 1 retake per semester, with the following wait time:

  • You are required to wait 3 weeks between attempts for the math test.

***Retakes are subject to a non-refundable $15.00 retest fee that will be collected at the time a retake appointment is scheduled. Taking a test before the appropriate waiting period has passed, will result in the test scores being disqualified and the $15.00 retest fee will be forfeited. If you have any questions regarding retesting, please contact the testing center: or call 801-957-4500.

What does my SLCC Math Placement score mean?

The SLCC Math process is designed to help you determine which math class or classes you need to take and where you need to start to be successful to meet your quantitative literacy degree requirement. Not everyone needs to take the SLCC placement test, but everyone should go through the SLCC placement process.

The process starts by determining if you are eligible to take a quantitative reasoning class without taking the placement test. If it is determined that you need to take the placement test, you will be asked if you are ready to start. Although you can take it again (please see retesting guidelines) it is advised that you study before you start this test. The placement test takes into account your previous math and educational success and is designed to match our curriculum and your past experiences.

Placement Score Eligible Classes
Less than 9.5 Math 0920, Math 1035, Math 1045
Between 9.5 and 32 Math 0990 or any course listed above
Between 33-99.4 Math 1010, Math 1030, Math 1040, or any course listed above.
Between 99.5 and 301.9 Math 1050, Math 1090, or any course listed above.
Between 302 and 649.9 Math 1060, Math 1080, Math 1100, or any course listed above.
Greater than 650 Math 1210

Students looking for courses from other departments that require math placement should look for math placement on the individual department sites.

Biology Chemistry Technical Trades

What if I do not have a SLCC Math Placement score?

You can register for Math 0920, Math 1035, or Math 1045 directly. For any other courses, you will need to complete the SLCC Math Placement process or have a satisfying grade in the pre-requisite course.

What math course should I register for?

Your math (QL or QS) class choice should be based on your program and transfer institution’s requirements. If you are unsure about which course is right for you, please consult an academic advisor or the catalog.

You can also visit the SLCC Placement Process page to determine which course you feel is appropriate. Videos are available to help with your decision making.

-- Students receiving Veterans benefits please contact your advisor regarding your math placement