Welcome to the SLCC Placement Process!

NOTICE: Please be advised that due to the COVID-19 virus Testing Services is taking precautions and has made the following changes.

The SLCC Placement Process is being offered online only until further notice. We are no longer offering this assessment in our testing centers and are not accepting walk-ins of any kind. You will need to make an appointment to complete this assessment. At the time of your appointment you will have a limited window of time to begin your exam so please be prompt and schedule accordingly.

The Placement Process helps us get to know you better. After you take your math and English survey, we’ll choose classes that fit you best. These classes complete your Composition (EN—English/ESL) and Quantitative Literacy/Quantitative Studies (QL/QS—Math) Core Skills requirements. Learn more about who should complete the placement process and what to expect below.

If you have tested previously and want to retest, please make an appointment by going to ‘Schedule Placement’ at the bottom of this page and we will determine your eligibility.

  • You can retake the Math exam once per semester and are required to wait 3 weeks between attempts.
  • You can retake the English exam once per semester and are required to wait 24 hours between attempts.

Do you have a testing hold?

Completing the placement process online removes testing holds and allows you to enroll in required math and English classes.

Do any of the following describe you?

  • Your ACT or SAT math scores have expired. ACT math scores expire after 18 months, SAT math scores expire after 1 year. (English and Reading scores for both exams are good forever.)
  • You are an ESL student.
  • You have a GED.
  • You still need to complete your Composition and Quantitative Literacy requirements.

If so, you’ll need to take a placement survey before enrolling in math and English courses.

Prepare for the SLCC Placement Process

After the survey, you will have a say in your final math and English course choice. We want you to choose what feels best, so we’ve created short videos to familiarize you with our offerings. Anticipate which class you need by following links to ESL, English or Math pathways below.

Are you an English Language Learner or an ESL student?

Our ESL classes might be for you. They are taught by instructors with special language experience and offer learning environments specific to ELLs’ aptitudes and needs. Learn more about the testing process and available courses before you make an appointment by clicking on the button below.

Need to take the English placement survey?

Learn more about the testing process and available English courses before you make an appointment by clicking on the button below.

Explore English/ESL Placement

Need to take the math placement survey?

Learn more about the testing process and available math courses before you arrive at the testing center by clicking on the button below.

Explore Math Placement

to take the CLEP Exam at SLCC

  1. Pre-register and pay for the exam with CLEP. Print out your Exam Registration Ticket.
    On the day of the exam, bring your printed Exam Registration Ticket and a valid government-issued photo ID.
  2. Make an appointment with our Testing Center and pay $25 at Schedule CLEP.
    Call us at 801-957-4572 if you have any questions.
  3. If you’re a minor and don’t have government-issued ID, you will have to use the College Board Student ID Form. Visit CLEP Exam or contact CLEP at 800-257-9558 or 609-771-7865 for more information.

Schedule an appointment to begin your remote placement process

Choose “Remote Placement Test (SLCC Placement Process)” and complete the required information to schedule an online test. You will receive an email with instructions and password(s) to complete your assessment online remotely. DO NOT come to any of the Testing Centers as this test is ONLY available online.

Schedule Placement