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MATH 0920 - Foundations for Mathematical Success

Credits: 6
This course includes whole numbers, fractions, decimals, proportions, percents, unit conversions, exponents, square roots and basic formulas. It also includes prealgebra topics on integers, linear equations, and graphing. This course will also include instruction on learning strategies associated with math instruction. This course utilizes a cohort model in which students may move through the material in one, two, or three semesters.


  • 2 hours of homework outside of class, for every hour you spend in class.
  • In-class and out-of-class work is done individually and in groups.
  • Online Homework, in-class activities, and frequent small assessments.

Please note: Many students find that much more time is required to perform as well as they desire on exams.


  • All tests will be proctored and will be paper pencil.
  • You will be required to retake exams until you reach competency.


  • You will take a committee-authored cumulative final exam.
  • Your final exam counts as 20% of your overall grade.
  • You must receive at least 50% on the final exam to pass the class with a C or higher.
  • You must complete the exam within two hours.

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