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MATH 0990 - Elementary Algebra

Credits: 4
This course is designed to prepare students to take Math 1010. It includes algebra topics such as: linear equations, linear inequalities and absolute value, graphing, systems of linear equations and inequalities, polynomials, factoring, radicals, and exponential functions.

Pre-requisite: Complete MATH 0920 with a C grade or higher OR placement into Math 0990. Complete ENGL 0900 or higher with a C grade or higher OR placement into ENGL 0990 or higher.


  • 2 hours of homework outside of class, for every hour you spend in class.
  • Worksheets: Mostly completed during class time. You will need to print these worksheets before you each class.
  • Online Homework: 15-30 questions taken online.
  • Other Coursework: Quizzes, reality checks, group work projects and other content related assignments.

Please note: Many students find that much more time is required in order to perform as well as they desire on exams.


  • There will be two midterm exams each worth at least 20% of your grade.
  • All tests will be taken in class and will be paper/pencil.
  • Students scoring below 73% on the first midterm must attend a workshop, an advising session, and retake midterm one.
  • There is no retake option for the second midterm.


  • You will take a committee authored cumulative final exam.
  • Your final exam counts as 25% of your overall grade.
  • You must receive at least 50% on the final exam to pass the class with a C or higher.
  • You must complete the exam within two hours.

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