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Queer Identities & Re-Imagining Monsters

3-Part Workshop
October 15, 22 & 29 (Tuesday), 5:30-7:30 pm

Why do we find stories about monsters fascinating? How do we see ourselves and others in monsters? What are LGBTQ+ monster fiction fans’ on-going frustrations with the appropriation of queer narratives, or ‘queer-coding’, in past and present popular media both? How can LGBTQ+ monster and horror fans, writers, and creators re-imagine and reclaim explicitly queer figures, themes, and plots in monster fiction as a way to make more visible and myriad the representations of LGBTQ+ characters, experiences, and identities in this speculative fiction subgenre? In this three-part workshop series, participants will explore how monster fictions has been historically and culturally used to reaffirm and subvert stereotypes and myths about LGBTQ+ individuals and communities in order to create their own monster fiction or slash monster fiction to make more complex and, perhaps, more personal LGBTQ+ representation in stories about monsters, the monstrous, the misunderstood, and the mysterious. Workshop offered in partnership with the SLCC Student Writing Center.

Cost: Free. Registration is required.
Location: Taylorsville Redwood Campus (4600 South Redwood Road), Student Center (STC), Room 207

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The SLCC Community Writing Center (CWC) supports, motivates and educates people of all abilities and educational backgrounds who want to use writing for practical needs, civic engagement and personal expression. In addition to an open space available for writing, we provide opportunities to enhance writing abilities through such programs as Writing Coaching , Writing Workshops, the DiverseCity Writing Series, Salt Lake Teens Write, and Community Writing Partners. Recipient of the 2012 Mayor's Artist Award and the 2012 League of Innovations Award. More information for a brief history of the CWC. These programs are open to all Salt Lake area residents.

Note: If you are an SLCC student working on an academic assignment, please visit the Student Writing & Reading Center.

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