Advertising and Posting


I.            POLICY

To establish a policy and procedure for campus advertising and posting on all Salt Lake Community College properties and campuses.

Advertising and posting on college properties must support SLCC’s mission and goals. Authorization will be administered in a manner which is applied equally to all eligible parties.

Advertising and posting must be in compliance with SLCC policies and procedures, SLCC Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities, and all applicable laws. All posting and advertising authorization must adhere to the accompanying procedure.

Items approved for advertising and posting may be included in contracts with corporate sponsors. Items approved for Advertising and posting will remain approved until signed contract expires or is terminated.

II.            REFERENCES



A.    Advertising/Promotion: Disseminating information about a product, program, or service through print, electronic, broadcast or any other form of communication.

B.    College: Salt Lake Community College (SLCC)

C.     College Department: An operating unit of the college which is supported by college funds and reports through the college structure.

D.   College Entity: Any group that includes employees or students of the college

E.     College Hosted Organization: An individual or organization that pays for or plans and carries out a project or activity under the jurisdiction of a college department, especially one that pays any or all of the cost of an event or program.

F.     Corporate Sponsor: Individuals, businesses or corporations willing to provide payment and/or in-kind service to SLCC in return for access to the tangible commercial potential associated with the college.

G.    Non-College Entity: Any person or group that does not include employees or students of the College.

H.   Posted Material: Printed or electronic subject matter including, but not limited to, notices of meetings or events, expressions of positions and ideas on social or political topics, and advertising for official corporate sponsors of the college. Posted materials must be reviewed and approved by the campus Information Desk. Student clubs/organizations material will be approved by the Student Life and Leadership Office.

I.       Posting: To publish, announce, denounce or advertise by affixing to places for public notice.

J.      Sponsor: To support an event, activity, person, or organization financially or through the provision of products or services.

K.    Student Organizations: Organizations recognized by the college whose members are registered students that meet with the intention of accomplishing specific goals or interests of the members as stated in their constitution.

IV.            PROCEDURES

A.    Guidelines for Posted Materials

1.      Approval Process

a.     All materials to be handed out or posted (posters, banners or other advertising) must be approved prior to posting or distribution, and date stamped by the campus Information Desk and may be date stamped for a maximum of 30 days.

b.    Student clubs and organizations advertising and posting must be stamped/approved by Student Life and Leadership.

c.      Non-college entities with a signed corporate sponsorship contract and college entities may distribute literature and information on college properties in areas generally available to the public provided that the distribution of such written materials:

(1) does not physically obstruct normal pedestrian or vehicular traffic;
(2) does not interfere with classes or scheduled meetings;
(3) does not damage or litter college property;
(4) is not placed on vehicles in college parking lots;
(5) clearly identifies the college entity and corporate sponsor; or
(6) see also section IV.A.5.

2.     The college has designated approved locations indoors and outdoors throughout the campuses where posting is allowed. Check with the campus Information Desk for approved locations.

3.     Doors are not designated posting locations.

4.     Printed materials to be posted shall be affixed in designated locations in a manner appropriate to the display space.

5.     Posted materials are subject to applicable site specific guidelines and procedures.

a.     SLCC posting guidelines for all campuses are available from Facilities Services, Gunderson Building, on the Taylorsville Redwood campus.

b.    Student Center posting guidelines are available from campus information desks on the following: Taylorsville Redwood, South, Miller and Jordan campuses.

6.     Failure to follow posting guidelines may result in withdrawal of permission to post, and/or confiscation of posted material.

7.     The posting poles and designated fences on the SLCC properties designated for banner posting must be reserved through the campus information desks.

8.     The posting organization is responsible for removal of material following the event or posted date, or must be removed after the approved time period. SLCC reserves the right to remove any outdated or non-approved materials.

9.     Posted materials using a sponsor’s name and/or logo must have a signed corporate sponsorship contract in the Development office.

Note: procedures may change for specific sites on all campuses designed for non-academic purposes, such as the Student Center, conference rooms, LAC arenas, Student Pavilion, electronic signs, and plasma screens. Check with the campus information desk for questions on site specific procedures.

B.    Guidelines for Non-printed Materials

Use of any campus public address system message board, electronic message display sign, and other media such as for advertising/promoting an event is not permitted unless agreed upon through a signed college corporate sponsorship contract.

C.     Use of College Name and Logos

Groups desiring permission to use the college’s name or department/special logos should follow guidelines as outlined by Institutional Marketing and Communications.

Date of last cabinet review: November 23, 2011

The originator of this policy & procedure is Academic Affairs. Questions regarding this policy may be directed to the originator by calling 801-957-4285.