Get a start on Fall subjects and join us!

While other students are taking a Fall Break, you could be studying and getting ahead in your classes! Two centers will be open to assist you in your classes during Fall Break on Thursday, October 19 and Friday October 20! Visit either the Dumke Center for STEM Learning in the SI Building, Room 201, on the Taylorsville Redwood Campus or the Jordan STEM Learning Center in the HTC Building Room 102. Both will be open from 10 am to 3 pm.

Note: Hours change every semester.

The STEM Learning Centers provide many free tutoring resources to assist you in meeting your learning goals. You are welcome to walk-in and work with a Tutor or make an appointment to meet with a Tutor one-on-one. We are located on five campuses including online, with convenient hours and some locations open on Saturdays!

Tutoring available in subjects: Math 900 through 1210, Statistics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Accounting, Computer Sciences, Java, Nursing and more! Our Tutors are highly qualified, trained and faculty recommended.

Contact the STEM Learning Centers at 801-957-6800.

Subjects Locations Online Resources
Subjects Locations Online Resources