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Figuring out which math class to take can be complicated, especially if you’re just getting started.

The good news? Our resources help you choose the best math class for your pathway.

First, click the “Explore Math Courses” button below to see short video explanations of our classes. We briefly explain what’s covered in each class and who will get the most out of each course type.

Explore Math Courses

After watching these videos, you should have some idea of which you are most comfortable with and what best fits your program of study.

You can register for Math 0920, Math 1035, or Math 1045 directly. For other courses, you will need to complete our SLCC Placement Process or have a satisfying grade in the pre-requisite course.

After you complete the SLCC Placement Process, we’ll determine which math class you need to take first. If you have questions about your math scores, please visit:

SLCC Placement Process Questions about your math score?

If you have questions about which math class is best for you, or other issues related to getting started at SLCC then please take time to speak with an academic advisor.

Click the “Contact an Advisor” button below.

Contact an Advisor

Do you already have a placement test score? The SLCC Math Department accepts ACT, SAT and Accuplacer scores. Please check to see if your test scores are still valid for SLCC placement.

Still have questions regarding the Math Placement Process? Check out our FAQ below. If you still don’t see what you need, please contact the Math Department at 801-957-4267 or

Math Placement FAQ

Now that you know more about choosing your first math class, you are ready to get started!