In light of several events across the country and an upcoming demonstration which will be held on our campus, I want to remind you of the College’s policy regarding events, demonstrations and free speech opportunities on campus.

Under Utah Code 53B-27-203, “The Campus Free Expression Act,” individuals and groups are within their legal rights to exercise their freedom of speech at all outdoor spaces on public college and university campuses.

As we receive requests from internal or external groups, SLCC follows state and federal law by granting access to its outdoor public spaces and maintaining a neutral position as to the content of expression.

As an institution of higher education, we believe any expressed right to freedom of speech is also an opportunity for observers to activate their critical thinking skills, engage in inquiry and discussion and empower themselves with thoughtful research to formulate their own opinions. This is the very fabric of a learning institution.

SLCC is committed to putting students first and creating a safe learning environment in which they can achieve their academic and career goals. 

If you have questions about free speech rights and/or available resources on campus, please refer to the Dean of Students office.

Thank you,

President Deneece G. Huftalin