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The Brand Experience is what our students and anyone who comes in contact with the college should say and feel after interacting with us. It reflects what we would want them to say about us to others. This is the chief component of the brand concept—it reflects not only what the brand would like to be, but how it actually is viewed by the public. It should be used as an internal measure to assess each aspect of SLCC and to ensure we facilitate this brand experience for our students. If aspects of operation are not in line with creating this experience, they should be re-evaluated and/or redesigned.


Over the past two years at Salt Lake Community College, I have repeatedly been surprised by the quality of the learning experience and people here. The flexibility of classes and campus locations allowed me to fit college into my busy life, and I don't feel like I've sacrificed the quality of my education just to save money. The personal attention and support from all the staff and faculty, each of whom I felt were committed to my success, helped me get more out of my education than I ever anticipated. Being able to interact with working professionals makes me feel like I've received real-world insights and experience. My time here has helped prepare me for my future and I've gained more confidence in myself as I take the next step(s) towards achieving my dreams.