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Approvals for Internal Communications. Printed materials produced by College departments or divisions for internal distribution (posted on campuses, e-mail distribution of flyers, handouts to students, staff, faculty or administrators) should go through the appropriate VP channel for approval. The Institutional Marketing and Communication Department is happy to provide a courtesy review of materials slated for internal distribution, at your request. To receive a courtesy review, send materials to Indicate the date you are planning to finalize the flyer or brochure. Your materials will be approved no later than end of same business day the material is submitted. If you do not desire a courtesy review, simply facilitate approvals from within the college division or department where the material originates.

Approvals for External Communications. Institutional Marketing and Communications will review all materials to be distributed externally (to the media, newspapers, magazines, journals, newsletters, business or civic leaders, business partners, PACs, and the community-at-large). This review process is designed to enhance your communication tools by ensuring that the messages sent are as coordinated and strong as possible and represent SLCC appropriately and in a unified way. Send materials to Indicate the date you are planning to finalize the materials. Materials received before 3 p.m. will be approved no later than the end of same business day.

Any SLCC department or office sending out information to the media must confer with the Institutional Marketing and Communications office to ensure consistency and proper format.