Provost's Graduates of Excellence

Carroll Glidden, General Studies

General Studies

“The professors at SLCC support students by pushing us to move past our successes. Professors like Suzanne Jacobs, for example, would help you with your questions by giving you one piece of the puzzle along with a challenge to find the full answer on your own. What I feel assisted me the most at SLCC were the relationships I developed with my teachers – they are interested in our plans and in connecting the dots between different subjects. As a result, I feel the college has taught me to be more accepting of myself and my struggles. The most important thing I learned at SLCC was that it is never too late to really start over.”

Joshua Elkins, Automotive Collision/Paint

School of Applied Technologies and Technical Specialties

“I had a motorcycle accident four years ago that resulted in a severe traumatic brain injury. I was in a coma for three weeks and had to relearn everything – how to blink, sit up, swallow, eat and walk. A year after my accident, with encouragement from my wife and close friends, I started taking classes at SLCC. Automotive instructors Kirk Miller and Hondo Espil were amazing. They learned about what to expect with a student who has a brain injury, took extra time in teaching me certain skills and showed faith in my ability to be a good student. With the help of the college’s Disability Resource Center and my amazing instructors, I was able to successfully pass my classes and earn a degree that will hopefully give me the skills, abilities and confidence I need to re-enter the workforce.”

Kaori Schrank, Visual Art and Design

School of Arts, Communication and Media

“I am originally from a rural community near Kobe, Japan. Learning new concepts in my second language has been one of the most difficult tasks for me. In all of my classes at SLCC, the faculty members were so kind, caring and supportive. They were very willing to help me when I needed it. As a result of their help and my continuous effort, my GPA is 4.0, and I also received the Academic Excellence Award (Pride in Academics) for both 2019 and 2020. My artwork has also received awards and been on display in numerous shows and in printed materials for the college. Salt Lake Community College has given me many opportunities to excel, and I've strived to embody excellence during my time here.”

Madison Cochrane, Business

School of Business

“During my time at SLCC, there were many late nights filled with calls and text conversations to my family and friends because I was completely overwhelmed. After finishing my first semester, I realized that I had all of the strength and knowledge inside of me that I would need to be successful in school and in life. Nearly two years later, I have minimal anxiety, and I no longer feel constantly homesick, stressed and overwhelmed. I have met some absolutely amazing people and have made lifelong friends throughout my time at SLCC, and I am comforted to know I am walking into a bright future, equipped with confidence and the abilities I need to be successful in my studies, career and life.”

Amanda Farris, Dental Hygiene

School of Health Sciences

“At SLCC I learned what it means to be an advocate, educator and clinician. The amazing staff and clinical instructors in the dental hygiene program have been an unwavering example of professionalism and veracity, and they were committed to helping me succeed. I strive to emulate their dedication to the profession. I feel that I have grown tremendously though my time here at the college. I learned how to make a difference in the community while maintaining my academic GPA and studying hard to be the best clinician I can be. I learned that I have a passion for my chosen career, and that drives me to want to make a difference with every patient who sits in my chair. I hope to one day be as positively influential as my instructors.”

Anna Timothy, Sociology

School of Humanities and Social Sciences


“I am extremely passionate about giving back to my community. While at SLCC I was involved with the Thayne Center for Service & Learning, and through the center I went on two Alternative Spring Break trips and completed an AmeriCorps term with Catholic Community Services. I also worked full-time at the Gail Miller Homeless Resource Center while finishing school online. The reason I love community engagement is because in my past I was fortunate to get through a very difficult time in my life, and I now see that my liberty is bound with those who don't have the same opportunities that I do. I am in a position where I am able to get an education and serve my community, and I believe my purpose is to use that privilege to lift others.”

Juman Al-Haddad, Biotechnology

School of Science, Mathematics & Engineering


“When I started interning at SLCC’s InnovaBio lab and noticed how instructors and supervisors encourage students to think about what they wanted to do with their academics, I started to feel the pressure, a positive kind of pressure, to get more involved in school and to have a plan. I started participating in student organizations, and while I was already part of one club, I decided to join more clubs and do more service through the college’s Thayne Center for Service & Learning. The many awards I received while at SLCC helped me realize there were people around me who recognized what I'm trying to achieve and who then helped pave the way for me.”