Graduates of Excellence

Phuc To, Pre-Pharmacy Major

School of Science, Mathematics & Engineering

Phuc To

“During my time at SLCC, I had so many amazing professors who always helped me along the way, especially Ron Valcarce, my organic chemistry professor. After being out of school for too long, I have to work harder than anyone else to catch up and refresh my knowledge. Ron is always willing to help me out every time I have questions and stay longer after class to clarify any problems for me. I am excited to transfer to a new school after graduation, but SLCC is always in my heart.”

Whitney Van Alfen, Psychology Major

School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Whitney Van Alfen

“The past two years I have spent continuing my education at Salt Lake Community College has been the best decision I could have made. It was imperative to believe in myself that I can achieve great things I never would have imagined. It has pushed me to become a better person, and helped me realize my potential that I can do whatever I have my heart set on. I finally understood that I was not too old to begin college. The investment I am making in myself is far greater than the hardships I have gone through and am currently defeating.”

Sheresa Jensen, Mortuary Science Major

School of Health Sciences

Sheresa Jensen

“Through the understanding, guidance and generosity of my professor and program director, David Hess, I have been given the tools to achieve many of the personal goals that I have set for myself, such as academic excellence, as well as not only participate but become a leader in both my field and in my class. David continuously made sure that I was okay that semester while I was away from my children and my husband full time. He did his best to make sure he was available to not just me but my whole class, if we needed anything. David is an amazing teacher who genuinely cares about his students, their lives, their careers and the information that he imparts to us.”

Cody Wilkerson, Business Major

School of Business

Cody Wilkerson

“I would not be where I am at today if it were not for Salt Lake Community College, the School of Business and the Veterans Services department specifically. Working at Veterans Services has introduced me to several student services departments and individuals within the college. I love being able to help student veterans be successful during their time at SLCC. Salt Lake Community College has given me the resources to be successful and reach my goal of being admitted to the University of Utah to pursue a degree in finance. With that degree I plan to continue serving my country as a hopeful Forensic Accountant for the FBI.”

Darrell Godfrey, Diesel Systems Technologies Major

School of Applied Technologies and Technical Specialties

Darrell Godfrey

“Several faculty members helped push me and got me the opportunities I needed. They continue to help me today, and I still have close professional relations with them. The ones who provided me the most insight in my current diesel program are Mark Kranendonk, Bill Killman and Jeff Mulligan. Other influential SLCC employees include coordinators of the Student Life and Leadership department, Brandi Mair, Peggy Hoffman, Peter Moosman and Nelly Quintanilla, along with Doctor Abio Ayeliya, a former staff member who gave me a lot of insight and leadership knowledge. My advisors, professors, and colleagues were able to see my potential before I could. Without this school, I would not have the personal accomplishments I have today.”

Matthew Watts

General Studies

Matthew Watts

“As I look back over the time I’ve spent at Salt Lake Community College, I am filled with gratitude at the opportunities that have presented themselves to me. There was a time in my life when such opportunities seemed so far out of reach, retained perhaps for some other, far luckier, student than me. I’ve experienced a paradigm shift during the past few years that has taught me to be accountable for the reality I am creating and how to maintain a greater state of awareness. Doing so ensures that I am available and present when new opportunities present themselves. The habits I engage in today are a complete contrast of the habits I’d allowed to enslave me when I first stepped foot on this campus.”

Lisa Nord, Graphic Design Major

School of Arts, Communication and Media

Lisa Nord

“After being a stay-at-home mother for fourteen years, I needed to find a way to support my two children. But it was daunting to think of starting over at mid-life, and I wasn’t sure I could do it. As a non-traditional student at SLCC, I was initially concerned about being able to keep up with students half my age. But life-experience had taught me the value of a strong work-ethic, and I worked hard to earn straight A’s my first semester. Throughout my time at Salt Lake Community College I have continued to raise and support my two children while living below poverty level. One professor, Jessica Curran, consistently showed me encouragement and support as a student even when I wasn’t currently enrolled in one of her classes. I am thankful to have learned so much from many great instructors and professors, and to have been kept to a high standard to accomplish professional-quality work in the Graphic Communications and Graphic Design programs.”