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Concurrent Enrollment

Step 4 - Hire Qualified Teachers

For accreditation purposes high school concurrent enrollment teachers are required to hold the same credentials required of adjunct faculty at SLCC. A list of instructor qualifications are listed on the CE Course Offerings page under each course. For instructions on how a teacher applies to teach a concurrent enrollment class contact the Concurrent Enrollment Office. 

The deadline for teacher applications (or "course proposals") is March 31. Because this deadline is prior to the state concurrent enrollment contracts May window mentioned in Step 2, high schools building a new concurrent enrollment program should begin submitting course proposals for teachers before they have signed a contract with SLCC, otherwise they will miss the deadline and will not be able to offer concurrent enrollment during the upcoming academic year. Contact the CE Office for instructions on how to do this.

Once a high school teacher has been approved and the high school has received an official approval letter from the SLCC Concurrent Enrollment Office the school can begin including the course as an option to students. Before the official approval letter has been received high schools should avoid guaranteeing  students and/or parents that the course will carry. Problems have arisen when schools have made promises to students and parents before receiving the official letter, and the teacher was later denied. 

Reasons why a teacher might be denied include:

  1. The teacher does not have the necessary credentials outlined by the SLCC academic department.
  2. SLCC does not have sufficient liaison resources in a particular department to provide oversight for the course.
  3. The SLCC Concurrent Enrollment Office may be bound to certain service region restrictions.
  4. The teacher is a contracted employee who does not hold the necessary secondary licensure to teach contractual concurrent enrollment for the public school system.

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