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Concurrent Enrollment

Parent Permission Form & MOU

When you applied for admission to Salt Lake Community College as part of the admission application you signed and agreed to a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). The MOU consists of very important information to help you be successful in your concurrent enrollment college classes. Please make sure that you understand and commit to what you are agreeing to:

STUDENT: As a Salt Lake Community College concurrent enrollment (CE) student I understand and agree to the following:

  1. I am aware that SLCC CE courses are college level courses. These classes require a level of responsibility and maturity expected from a college student and will require rigorous academic work.
  2. I understand that it is my responsibility to register myself, through MyPage, for each CE class I take, and that it is my responsibility to verify that I am officially registered. I understand that failure to do so will result in my not being awarded college credit for those classes, even if I attend any or part of the scheduled class(es).
  3. I am aware that I, through my parents, will be responsible for payment of partial tuition and fees associated with CE classes.
  4. I understand that by participating in CE I am generating a permanent college record that will be applied to all of my higher education pursuits after I graduate from high school.
  5. I understand that for CE classes I take, my college grade and my high school grade will be the same.
  6. I understand that poor CE grades or withdrawing from CE classes may have a negative impact on my eligibility for college financial aid.
  7. I am aware that the content of some SLCC CE college courses may include controversial cultural, religious, political, aesthetic, and human sexuality issues and that I will be expected to engage with the material in an objective, professional, and mature manner.
  8. I understand that it is my responsibility to verify that I meet the outlined prerequisites for any given CE course before registering for that course, and that failure to do so could result in either being dropped from the class or taking a class for which I am not academically prepared, which could negatively impact my final grade.
  9. I understand that it is my responsibility to officially drop or withdraw from my CE college classes through MyPage by the deadlines listed on the CE website. I understand that if I fail to properly drop or withdraw from a college class I may receive a failing grade.
  10. I understand that it is my responsibility to read and understand the information found in the “Student” section of the SLCC Concurrent Enrollment website.
  11. I understand that as a concurrent enrollment student I may not enroll in more than thirty (30) concurrent credits per academic year and that SLCC has the right to drop me from concurrent enrollment courses if I exceed this limit.

PARENT/GUARDIAN & STUDENT: I hereby certify that the answers I have provided on the SLCC college admission application are true, and I understand that providing false information on the application may result in denial of admission and/or financial aid. I agree to comply with all rules, regulations, and requirements at Salt Lake Community College. I authorize SLCC to release academic information to any organization that is providing funding for my child’s education. I understand that all transcripts submitted to SLCC become the property of the College and will not be reproduced or returned. I also understand that the application fee is non-refundable and I will be responsible for payment of all amount(s) I owe SLCC, i.e. tuition, fees, fines, parking citations, etc. I agree to make prompt payments and understand and acknowledge that payment(s) will be applied to charges in the order determined by SLCC. I also agree to pay reasonable collection, processing, and/or attorney's fees necessary to collect any outstanding balance on my account(s).

SHARING OF INFORMATION: In the case where there is an educational need to share student information or when there is a program available that will benefit the student, student information may be exchanged between High School teachers and counselors and the College Concurrent Enrollment Office. Student information may include non-directory information, such as a student identification number, GPA, specific class attendance, etc.

By submitting this admission application I am confirming that I have read, understood, and accept the above SLCC CE Student Agreement. Print this page for your records and deliver a copy to your parent or guardian for their records.

Download a Word version of the Student MOU

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