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Concurrent Enrollment

Placement Testing

Placement testing helps determine whether or not you are adequately prepared to take certain college level courses and are a prerequisite for several concurrent enrollment classes (see Course Prerequisites for more information). Concurrent students must complete the online admission application, pay their $40, and wait to receive their SLCC S Number in the mail.  Once a student has been admitted to SLCC and receives their S Number, they are eligible to take the Accuplacer test.

About Placements Tests

ACT and SAT:  ACT and SAT are national college entrance exams that are offered at high schools and other testing sites. If you wish to use ACT or SAT scores to meet placement requirements, make sure that SLCC has an official copy of your scores. Students must request the scores to be sent to SLCC when you take the test. Students who fail to select to have scores sent to SLCC can log into ACT's website and request that the scores be sent for a $12 fee.

Turn around time for SLCC receiving the test scores varies from one to two weeks. In rare instances, however, scores do not make it into our system because of technical issues. In these cases student should call the concurrent enrollment office with the batch number and date of payment. The CE office will then work with the data center and ACT to get the issue resolved. This process could take a couple of weeks to resolve. Students can help speed up this process by contacting ACT with their batch number at (319) 337-1270 or using the “live chat” or “send a question by email” tools on ACT’s website.

Students will not be penalized for registration delays this process may cause. If the student has submitted their scores by the deadline, and the scores meet the prerequisite for the course the student is trying to register for, the CE office will make sure the student is able to register after the deadline has passed.

Accuplacer: Many students use the Accuplacer Assessment to meet placement prerequisites. The test is administered at several of our campuses and offered at some high schools. It is done on a computer and the results are immediately added to your SLCC records. The cost of the first test is included in the admission fee. The SLCC Testing Center has compiled important information concerning the test. Please check the link above for hours, what you need to bring, the number of retakes allowed and links to Internet review web sites and practice tests.

Expiration of Tests and Prerequisites

Placement test scores need to be current. Math tests or pre-requisite courses are valid for one year. English test scores do not expire. Students who have completed a math course prerequisite with a grade of 'C' or higher within one year may register for the next level math course without retaking the placement test. Students who have completed an English course prerequisite with a grade of ‘C’ or higher within 10 years may register for the next level English course. The college credit is permanent, but using the course as a prerequisite has a time limit.

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