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Concurrent Enrollment


Grading Overview

At the end of each semester or year, and before the deadline (check the concurrent enrollment calendar for specific deadlines), high school adjunct teachers enter final grades using their SLCC MySLCC account. See the Final Grades tutorial for information on how to enter final grades using your SLCC MySLCC account.

For state reporting purposes, the final term grade for the high school course must be the same as the SLCC grade. School district policy will determine the way grades are computed. The final grade should also reflect the student’s performance throughout the course. Usually, two high school term grades are replaced with one final grade. The simplest way to accomplish this is a cumulative average, where the grade for the second semester is the average grade for the two terms. For yearlong courses, the final grade, each term, is averaged using the grade from the previous term until the final term when the cumulative average for the entire year becomes the final high school and concurrent grade.

If a high school adjunct teacher is having problems entering final grades, please contact the Concurrent Enrollment Office.

Grading Policies

  • The grading scale used by the high school concurrent enrollment course should match the scale used by the SLCC department. So, for example, if, at the college, an A is 93% and above, an A in the high school must be the same. Contact your liaison for grading scale information.
  • All students must receive a grade of A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D, D-, E (failing) or W (withdraw) or be dropped.
  • All failing (E) grades must be entered with a last date of attendance in eight digits (MMDDYYYY) , for example: 06/04/2010.
  • A grade of "W (withdraw)" cannot be entered online; students must work with their high school counselor or CE coordinator to complete the Withdrawal form and submit that to the Concurrent Enrollment Office.
  • The state will not allow students to be dropped after the drop deadline or after the course has ended. After the drop deadline, students must be withdrawn if they decide to leave the class.
  • Do not assign AU (audit), EX (extension), I (incomplete), or P (passing) grades.
  • Grade reports are not mailed to students. They can only access their grades and unofficial transcripts by using their SLCC MySLCC account.

Changing Grades

Once grades are entered they can only be changed by emailing the college at using your SLCC Bruinmail account. Emails request from a non-SLCC email account will not be granted. Only the adjunct teacher can change the grade. Justification for the grade change must be given. The following information must be included in the email:

  • Course Name and Number (ie Quantitative Reasoning, MATH 1030)
  • Course Reference Number (CRN)
  • Teacher Name
  • Student S Number
  • Current Grade and the New Grade
  • Justification for the Grade Change

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