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Concurrent Enrollment

Liaison Visits & Peer Evaluations

Each high school adjunct teacher is assigned a SLCC faculty liaison who will be his or her primary contact with the college regarding curriculum and teaching standards. The name of the liaison and contact information for each high school adjunct teacher is sent out in the approval letter each high school adjunct teacher receives after submitting the new or ongoing course proposal. Teachers can also access this information through their MyCE account.

The primary responsibility of a liaison is to ensure that the quality of each high school Concurrent Enrollment course is equivalent to its on-campus counterpart in curriculum, delivery, rigor, assessment, and classroom management. SLCC faculty liaisons also provide discipline-specific professional development to help high school adjunct teachers stay current with the latest information, trends, and technologies in their field.

Liaisons are required to make at least one CE peer evaluation site visit each year. During these visits, liaisons will observe the entire class period and perform a peer evaluation. Liaisons may additionally request to visit a teacher during that teacher’s prep or consultation period to discuss curriculum, share ideas, assist the adjunct teacher with college processes, or any other activity the liaison and high school adjunct teacher feel is necessary.

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