Core Themes

Core Themes

Thank you for sharing your inspiring stories. Watch the video below to see how they help to define SLCC.

The Core Themes of SLCC’s Mission to Provide Quality Higher Education to the Broader Community are:

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Access and Success

Provide accessible instructional programs and students services
Provide access to students underrepresented in higher education
Provide access to students underprepared for higher education
Support students to become successful and engaged learners

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Transfer Education

Prepare students with a foundation for success in continued studies
Provide the first two years of articulated major courses (AA,APE& AS degrees)
Provide students a comprehensive and integrated General Education experience

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Workforce Education

Prepare students with knowledge and skills meeting current industry needs
Provide specialized training for business and industry
Provide integrated pathways for academic and career mobility/advancement

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Community Engagement

Contribute to economic and community development
Champion diversity and cultural enrichment in the community and the College
Provide community service and involvement opportunities

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Jeffrey Aird

Director Institutional Inquiry & Analysis
Taylorsville Redwood


Andrea Scott

Operations Associate
Taylorsville Redwood