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Eccles Early Childhood Development Lab School

The Eccles Early Childhood Development Lab is dedicated to providing an environment of optimum growth for the children enrolled, their parents, and the students of the Family & Human Studies Department of Salt Lake Community College.

The Eccles Early Childhood Development Lab is theoretically and practically devoted to developmentally appropriate practice which refers to a framework of principles and guidelines for practice that promotes young children's optimal learning and development. The Eccles Early Childhood Development Lab provides programs designed for children two – five years of age. Basic to the foundation of developmentally appropriate practice is the notion that children learn most effectively through active exploration. Moreover, each child has specific interests, curiosities, talents, and a self-esteem which must be nurtured and enhanced.

Each classroom provides children with a wide variety of developmentally appropriate activities, a multi sensory environment, opportunities for discovery and making choices, interpersonal interactions, and situations that foster age appropriate independence. The classrooms are designed to help each child develop emotional, social, physical, and intellectual competencies appropriate to their age. It is recognized children have their own unique strengths---it is our job to develop these strengths to their fullest extent.

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The Lab School is an important part of the Family and Human Studies department. It provides an environment for the child as well as the Family and Human Studies students and parents.

Every child is unconditionally accepted as a worthwhile individual. Children’s positive self-worth and self-esteem is enhanced and fostered through positive communication and interactions with caring adults and children. Children gain confidence and independence through challenging successful experiences. Children learn self-worth as they make choices and do for themselves. Children learn to value others through meaningful play experiences. Children learn through their own experiences, through the manipulation of objects and through the imitation of others.

Every child, parent, student, and teacher is valued as a worthwhile individual with a unique learning style.

Every learner begins from where they are and progresses forward through experiences and self-discovery. A developmental approach is used to help each child to be mentally healthy, physically able, authentically creative, and socially sensitive. The Lab School strives to be a safe environment for the development of the whole child, a resource for parents and a place where quality childcare can be observed by those who strive for excellence in early childhood programs.

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Important Dates

Fall Semester 2015

First day: August 26

Last Day: December 17

Closure Dates:

September 7  Labor Day

October 15-16  Fall Break

November 26-27 Thanksgiving Break

Spring Semester 2016

First day:  January 11

Last day: May 5

Closure Dates:

January 18 MLK Day

February 15 Presidents Day

March 14-19 Spring Break

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