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Office of the Registrar and Academic Records

Audit and Challenging Classes


Students may audit most SLCC classes for the purpose of the learning opportunity it provides, according to the following conditions:

  • Tuition and fees will be assessed at the same rate for audited classes as those taken for credit.
  • Students are not required to attend, take exams, or otherwise participate in classes they are auditing.
  • Students do not receive Attempted or Earned credit hours for audited classes.
  • Audited classes appear on student transcripts with an AU grade which is not calculated in term or cumulative grade-point averages.
  • Audited classes are not counted as part of student enrollment status.
  • Students will not be awarded financial aid nor receive veterans benefits for audited classes.
  • Audited classes will not be considered part of Satisfactory Progress for financial aid purposes.

Students should declare their intent to audit a class at the time of registration.  Exceptions may be recommended by the appropriate administrative authority.

To audit a class after the add period, the instructor of the intended class will need to e-mail the request to:

For information about Senior Citizens auditing classes, please call us at (801) 957-4298.


Class sections are sometimes canceled for lack of sufficient enrollment or for other administrative reasons.  Division Offices will make reasonable attempts to notify students of such cancellations as quickly as possible. 

If you desire to replace a canceled class section with another class, please follow established procedures for adding classes.  You will receive a full refund for classes canceled.  Refund checks are processed 2 to 3 weeks after the last day to drop classes (See Academic Calendar) and sent to your mailing address.  You may contact the Cashiers Office for additional information regarding refunds.


The Student Testing Services offers Challenge Exams to gain course credits at SLCC.


A confirmation of the classes you are enrolled for is available on-line MyPage.  See Academic Calendar for tuition payment due dates.

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