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Office of the Registrar and Academic Records

Degree Progress and Academic Standing

To see your degree progress:

  •     Login to MyPage with your username and password (PIN)
  •     Click on the Student tab
  •     Choose Degree Evaluation under Student Records
  •     Select the Current Term, then click Submit.
  •     Select "What-If Analysis" analysis for a different degree than what is listed.
  •     Select Term You Started At SLCC. Then Continue.
  •     Select a First Major (only choose one) then Submit.
  •     Select Generate Request (leave the Evaluation Term as the defaulted term.)
  •     To print the evaluation, please follow the instructions on the top of the page.

Note:  The evaluation is unofficial, if you have any questions, please scroll down for tips on How To Read Your Degree Evaluation or contact an Academic Advisor.

To see your academic standing:
  •     Open MyPage, login with your username and password (PIN)
  •     Click on Financial Aid
  •     Select My Eligibility
  •     Then select Academic Progress

How To Read Your Degree Evaluation (webCAPP)

The degree evaluation will include:
  •     Program & Degree
  •     Catalog Term (which is the catalog requirements you are using for graduation)
  •     Overall GPA
For most programs, the WebCAPP compliance is divided into 3-4 areas:
  1.     Diversity
  2.     General Education
  3.     Major Course Requirement
  4.     Non Program Electives
    (Most diploma and certificate programs will only have two areas.)

The Diversity Area will be listed first if the degree is an AS or AA and the catalog term is after Summer 2005.

The General Education Area will be listed next followed by the Major Course Requirements Area.   (This Area may be listed first if it is a certificate or diploma program.)  The Non Program Electives Area will be listed last and will display all courses that are not required in your selected program or failed courses.

Courses that have been repeated and excluded from your GPA will not display on the degree evaluation.  Courses that you are currently repeating will also not display until a grade has been posted.  Be sure to complete a Repeated Course Form, available at the Office of the Registrar and Academic Records, for all courses you have repeated.  A second repeated course is not eligible for graduation.

Under each area you will see the following columns:

    Met – Displays a “Yes” if you have met the requirement or “No” if you have not.
    Rule – Displays the rule name and a description of what is required.  Rules are used when more than one course can meet a specific requirement.
    Subject – Displays the course abbreviation of the required course.
    Course Low – Displays the required course number or can be used as the low number if the course can be within a range.
    Course High – Displays the course high number if the course can be within a range.
    Attribute – Currently, not using.
    Required Credits – Displays required credits (if any).
    Required Courses – Displays required course (if any).

Information in these columns will be displayed if you have met the particular requirement:

    Term – Displays the term you took the course.
    Subject – Displays the course abbreviation of the course taken.
    Course – Displays the course number of the course taken.
    Title – Displays the title of the course taken.
    Attribute – Currently, not using.
    Credits – Displays the number of credit hours of the course taken.
    Grade – Displays the grade of the course taken.
    Source – Displays the source of where the course information was pulled from:  (H) Academic History; (R) Currently Registered; or (T) Transfer Credit.
    *Actn Code – Displays if the course was:  (S) Substitution; or (W) Waiver.

At the bottom of each area it will display the Area total credits and GPA.

If you have questions, please visit with an Academic Advisor.

*WebCAPP is currently not listing Actn Code, but will list the course if it has been waived or substituted.

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