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Office of the Registrar and Academic Records

Register for Classes

Once you Apply For Admission and have been accepted at the College, registering for classes at Salt Lake Community College is easy to do.

Register Online:

  • Log-in to MyPage.
  • Click on the Student tab.

Under Registration Tools, select the preferred options:

  • Registration Status
  • Look Up Classes
  • Add or Drop Classes
  • Change Class Options

You can find the SLCC Catalog and the current Class Schedule online.

Tip: Use the Schedule Planner to work out your schedule, then utilize the steps above to register those classes.

Registration Attempts

Registration attempts in the SLCC student computer system are limited to a manageable number during a semester. If students neglect to register within the allotted registration attempts during one semester, registration privileges will automatically be disabled for that semester. In addition, the use of developed technical programs, registration robot tools, and any other device that interferes with the Office of the Registrar and Academic Records policy and procedure is prohibited. Students caught using technical devices may be subject to disciplinary action.

If you have questions about becoming a student at SLCC, please contact the Office of the Registrar and Academic Records:

  • Taylorsville Redwood Campus: (801) 957-4298
  • South City Campus: (801) 957-3350
  • Jordan Campus: (801) 957-2680
  • Miller Campus (801) 957-5200


Students registering for a closed class with a waitlist option will be offered the opportunity to be put on a Waitlist. Prerequisites must be met and class schedules must be free of time conflicts to be eligible for the Waitlist. Students on the Waitlist are not officially registered in the class.  Waitlist status may be viewed on the MyPage Student Portal.

When a registered student drops a seat in a closed class, the first student on the Waitlist will be notified through the SLCC Bruin email. (Caution: If the Bruin email is forwarded to another email account, the waitlist notification may be blocked. It is therefore advisable to not forward the SLCC Bruin email.) Once notified by email that a seat is available, the waitlisted student has 24 hours to register for the course. If registration is not finalized within the 24 hour period, the waitlisted student is dropped from the Waitlist, and the next waitlisted student is notified by email that a seat is available. Students are offered an open seat based on their waitlist position.

For more information please watch the Registration Waitlist Tutorial video.

Administrative Drop for Non-Attendance

In order to maximize registration opportunities for all students, students are required to attend the first class meeting of any regularly scheduled class that meets once per week or at least one of the first two class meetings of any regularly scheduled class that meets more than once per week. Students who are unable to attend the initial class meeting(s) as required must inform the instructor or department office, preferably in writing, that they intend to attend subsequent meetings and do not want to be dropped.

Students who fail to attend initial class meeting(s) as required and who fail to contact the instructor in advance of the absence may be dropped from the course by the instructor.

Students are required to log into online classes within the first five days of the term. Class accessibility begins on the first day of each term. Students are expected to access online classes the first day.  Students must log into online classes within the first five days of the term or may be dropped to make space for other students.

Students enrolled in classes of high demand and/or limited availability are particularly vulnerable to a drop for nonattendance. Students who receive an Administrative Drop for Nonattendance will receive full credit for tuition paid.  Dropping and reinstatement are at the instructor’s discretion during the first 20% of the term. (See Academic Calendar for specific calendar dates.) Students are NOT automatically dropped for non-attendance.

Failure to Drop/Withdraw

Students should not assume classes are automatically dropped for non-attendance or nonpayment. Students are responsible for dropping or withdrawing from classes they (a) are not attending, or (b) do not intend to complete in the current semester. Students who stop attending a course without completing the formal drop or withdrawal procedures by the published deadlines will be responsible for all tuition and fees associated with the course, and will receive a failing grade ‘E’ for the course with the last date of attendance recorded.

Students should drop/withdraw as early in the semester as possible. Tuition will be charged for classes not dropped by the end of the third week of the semester or 20% of a term.

Repeat Courses

Students may repeat a course in which low grades are received.  All grades remain on the academic record; however, only the highest grade received in the course will be used to calculate the student’s cumulative grade point average (GPA).  Only one repeated course for the same course may be included in the total credit hours earned toward graduation.  Repeats are processed at the end of each term when grades are submitted. 

SLCC follows Board of Regents, Federal Financial Aid and Department of Veteran Affairs policies regarding course repeats.  For more information about the policy, please view it in the current Catalog and the Curriculum and Graduation Standards Policy.

Admission Application Deadline

The admission application deadline applies only to SLCC’s credit programs and does not affect the College’s School of Applied Technology and other non-credit programs including continuing education courses and workshops. There will be no exceptions considered for late applications after the admissions deadline. However, students applying after the deadline are welcome to apply for a future start date.

Senior Citizen Enrollment

Utah Residents who have reached age 62 and over are invited to enroll in regular credit classes offered at reduced cost under the following conditions:

  • Surplus space must be available in the class;
  • Classes will be taken as an audit (non-matriculated, no college credit);
  • $10 registration fee is required each semester (fee does not cover cost of books, supplies, parking or special class fees, lab fees);
  • Online admission application must be completed ($40 application fee is waived);
    • Register online with audit status for each class
    • Course Pre-Requisites must be met
    • A Senior Citizen Waiver form must be submitted to the Cashiers Office each Semester with fee payment. Form may be found in Cashier Office or the Office of the Registrar and Academic Records.

Senior citizens desiring college credit must follow regular admissions and registration procedures and pay full tuition and fees.
Senior Citizen audit status may not be combined with credit status within the same semester.

Auditing Classes

Students may audit most SLCC classes for the purpose of the learning opportunity it provides, according to the following conditions:

  • Tuition and fees will be assessed at the same rate for audited classes as those taken for credit.
  • Students are not required to attend, take exams, or otherwise participate in classes they are auditing.
  • Students do not receive Attempted or Earned credit hours for audited classes.
  • Audited classes appear on student transcripts with an AU grade which is not calculated in term or cumulative grade-point averages.
  • Audited classes are not counted as part of student enrollment status.
  • Students will not be awarded financial aid nor receive veterans benefits for audited classes.
  • Audited classes will not be considered part of Satisfactory Progress for financial aid purposes.
  • Students should declare their intent to audit a class at the time of registration.  Exceptions may be recommended by the appropriate administrative authority.  To audit a class after the add period, the instructor of the intended class will need to e-mail the request to:


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