Community Relations

COVID-19 Update

Dear Community Partners,

Many organizations, businesses, and government agencies in our city, and across our region and state, work closely with Salt Lake Community College students and faculty. Whether this means students working in internships, field placements, and coops, or faculty collaborating with partners in hosting critical conversations, events, and community-engaged scholarship, SLCC’s commitment to community is essential to our mission, vision, and values.

In the face of the uncertainty posed by the Coronavirus crisis, some programs will be suspending all student and faculty engagement with community partners. In many cases Salt Lake Community College faculty and staff will be in touch with partner organizations.

Up-to-date information on the College’s response, including policies on remote courses and working remotely can be found at this link.

Community Relations is committed to connecting the surrounding communities with the myriad of programs, services & resources available at Salt Lake Community College. We are ready to help community organizations and businesses become better acquainted with SLCC’s educational opportunities and services. The Community Relations Department welcomes your ideas on existing programs and will assist in the development of new partnerships, programs, and events that are consistent with the mission of the College.

The Community Relations Department also helps provide direction for the College in maintaining and developing a positive image in the community and in the nation.

We look forward to assisting you!

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