Homeland Security/Emergency Management

Step Ahead at Salt Lake Community College in Homeland Security/ Emergency Management

The Homeland Security Emergency Management (HSEM) Associate of Applied Science degree was created to prepare graduates for professional roles in the multi-agency, multi-disciplinary, collaborative world of managing our nation’s security, disaster preparedness and response. This is a growing field that is characterized by the need for professionals to prepare for and react to scenarios such as the terror attacks of 9/11 and hurricane Katrina. Recent incidents in Utah like the Herriman fire, Trolley Square and Grand America shootings, and numerous floods are examples of local incidents that require HSEM personnel to reduce the loss of life, property and critical infrastructure.

  • Earn an AAS Degree in as little as 18 months or 4 semesters (day and evening classes are available)
  • Learn and/or improve skills for responding to both man-made and natural disasters using the "All Hazards Approach"
  • Develop a multiple-discipline, multi-agency approach to the protection of Utah's citizens, property and critical infrastructure
  • Transfer your AAS degree to Utah Valley University's Bachelor of Science in Emergency Service Administration degree program through our full articulation agreement


Contact Us

Dave Attridge
Office: Larry H. Miller Campus
Phone: (801) 957-5342
E-Mail: Dave.Attridge@slcc.edu

Joe Anderson
HSEM Specialist
Office: Larry H. Miller Campus
Phone: (801) 957-5202
E-Mail: Joseph.Anderson@slcc.edu

Stormie Juarez 
Office: Larry H. Miller Campus
Phone: (801) 957-5330
E-Mail: Stormie.Juarez@slcc.edu 

Julia Ellis
Program Advisor
Office: Larry H. Miller Campus
Phone: (801) 957-5320
E-Mail: Julia.Ellis@slcc.edu

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