Strength in Diversity

We believe diversity enhances the richness of the educational experience and leads to understanding and appreciation of differences in each of us. It's imperative that we actively seek and welcome a student body, faculty, and staff who represent the diversity of our region, nation, and world, to prepare students to participate in a global economy.

SLCC is the most diverse higher education institution in Utah, but we constantly must work to ensure everyone feels welcome, has what they need for success, and are treated with respect on our campuses. Inclusivity and equity is our mantra, embedded in the fabric of our college, to serve all our constituents and the broader community.


The Special Assistant to the President facilitates efforts to advance and sustain an organizational culture and climate that fully welcomes diversity and inclusiveness for all Salt Lake Community College stakeholders. SLCC officers and deans, directors, department heads, and managers are responsible and accountable for the proactive implementation of our diversity mission and are expected to exercise leadership to fulfill it.

SLCC’s Inclusivity Definition

Inclusivity is the active, intentional and ongoing commitment to ensuring that all members of the campus community are able to fully and meaningfully participate in and contribute to all aspects of campus life (i.e., in the curriculum, programs and resources, and in practices and processes). It is the involvement and empowerment of all members of Salt Lake Community College, where the inherent worth and dignity of all people are recognized and valued.