Potential Growth Methods


The Master Plan process explored many strategies for accommodating anticipated regional growth in population and employment. These included concentration of all anticipated growth in a single location (Jordan), proportional growth of all locations, development of new locations and consolidation of sites into fewer, larger locations. The recommended strategy, a hybrid incorporating many of these concepts is shown below.

Growth at Jordan Campus only

The existing property to be developed will accommodate the square footage needs of the projected 20-year growth.


Consolidate Sites

Focus growth at owned sites only. Square footage from leased sites will be added to the projected square footage needs.



Expand Center Sites

Growth at new leased centers throughout the valley to provide dynamic service as the demographics change over the next 20 years.



Expand Campus Sites

Direct growth to a new campus that would provide service to the areas not being supported currently.



Growth at all Campuses

Identify growth potential at all campuses, grow as needed at each location.