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Occupational Therapy Assistant

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of regular tuition, books, uniforms, travel, membership fees, course fees, and immunizations/certifications, is approximately $10,000 total. Course fees are subject to change.

The OTA program takes 4 semesters, or 67 credit hours (not including prerequisite credit hours).

  • OTA 1100 Functional Anatomy, 3 cr
  • OTA 1105 Functional Anatomy Lec/Lab, 1 cr
  • OTA 1120 OT Modalities I Lec, 2 cr
  • OTA 1130 OT Modalities I Supervised Inst, 3 cr
  • OTA 1140 Physical Dysfunc Lec, 3 cr
  • OTA 1150 Physical Dysfunc Supervised Inst, 3 cr
  • OTA 1170 Phys Dysfunc Field Wk I, 2 cr
  • OTA 1180 OT Domain & Process, 2 cr
  • OTA 1210 OT Profess Issues I, 2 cr
  • OTA 1220 OT Modalities II Lec, 2 cr
  • OTA 1230 OT Modalities II Supervised Inst, 3 cr
  • OTA 1240 Physical Dysfunction II, 3 cr
  • OTA 1250 Physical Dysfunc II Supervised Inst, 3 cr
  • OTA 1270 Pediatric FW Exper, 2 cr
  • OTA 1280 Pediatric Lec, 3 cr
  • OTA 1290 Pediatric Supervised Inst, 3 cr
  • OTA 2310 OT Profess Issues II, 2 cr
  • OTA 2320 OT Modalities III Lec, 2 cr
  • OTA 2330 OT Modalities III Supervised Inst,3 cr
  • OTA 2340 Psychosocial Behavior, 3 cr
  • OTA 2350 Geriatrics, 3 cr
  • OTA 2370 Psy/Soc Geriat FW I Exp, 2 cr
  • OTA 2450 Fieldwork Exper II Pt 1, 6 cr
  • OTA 2460 Fieldwork Exper II Pt 2, 6 cr

Sample Schedule

Semester One CR Semester Two CR
OTA 1100 Functional Anatomy Lecture 3 OTA 1210 OT Professional Issues I 2
OTA 1105 Functional Anatomy Lecture/Lab 1 OTA 1220 OT Modalities II Lecture 2
OTA 1120 OT Modalities I Lecture 2 OTA 1230 OT Modalities II Supervised Inst 3
OTA 1130 OT Modalities I Lecture/Lab 3 OTA 1240 Physical Dysfunction II 3
OTA 1140 Physical Dysfunction I Lecture 3 OTA 1250 Physical Dysfunction II Supervised Inst 3
OTA 1150 Physical Dysfunction I Supervised Inst 3 OTA 1270 Pediatric Fieldwork Experience 2
OTA 1170 Physical Dysfunction Fieldwork I 2 OTA 1280 Pediatric Lecture 3
OTA 1180 OT Domain & Process 2 OTA 1290 Pediatric Supervised Inst 3
Total 19 Total 21
Semester Three CR Semester Four CR
OTA 2310 OT Professional Issues II 2 OTA 2450 Fieldwork Experience II Part 1 6
OTA 2320 OT Modalities III Lecture 2 OTA 2460 Fieldwork Experience II Part 2 6
OTA 2330 OT Modalities III Supervised Inst 3
OTA 2340 Psychosocial Behavior 3
OTA 2350 Geriatrics 3

OTA 2370 Psy/Soc Geriat Fieldwork I Experience

Total 15 Total 12

No, in order to complete the OTA program in four semesters. Students must attend full-time.

OTA 1020 can be taken online. Several of the OTA program courses are in a hybrid (classroom and online) format. You may go to SLCC Class Schedule to see all SLCC online classes.

Each semester's schedule is unique. Students must arrange to be available for coursework Monday - Friday 7:30am - 6:00pm. Some fieldwork experiences will require earlier start times or weekends. Some civic engagement opportunities will require Saturdays. You may go to SLCC Class Schedule to get specific days and times for lecture courses.

Admissions Questions

Students may go to the Admissions page to see the admission process for the OTA program.

Students are admitted to the OTA program every Fall Semester.

24 seats are available per cohort.

There is no waitlist for the OTA program.

Every required immunization must be completed before applying to the OTA program, except the following: - Annual Influenza Vaccine - Hepatitis B Vaccine (student must have two of the three dose series upon application) - Hepatitis A (highly recommended but not required)

No, the OTA program applicant does not need proof of CPR or First Aid Certification upon application to the OTA program. Students will complete CPR training during the OTA program. First Aid Certification is not a requirement for the OTA program.

Career Questions

Career Coach provides the career outlook and average pay for an Occupational Therapy Assistant in Salt Lake County.

Financial Aid & Scholarship Questions

Students can apply for financial aid by going to the Financial Aid webpage.