SkillsUSA Success Stories

As with any organization, SkillsUSA measures its success in many ways. But there's no more powerful gauge for measuring the success of the SkillsUSA mission than to examine the accomplishments of our members, accomplishments that illustrate the positive difference that SkillsUSA involvement can have on a life. Below you'll find short synopses of many of these "success stories," each one taken from the pages of SkillsUSA Champions magazine from 2002 to the present. There are students here from varied backgrounds with varied interests, but one thing binds them together: the positive, often life-changing effect that SkillsUSA has had — and continues to have — on their lives.

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College/Postsecondary Programs

Interest in SkillsUSA is growing rapidly in the college and postsecondary community. Colleges see the benefit of the SkillsUSA organization for student, faculty and the campus as a whole, because SkillsUSA helps deliver a better prepared graduate. Check out the SkillsUSA website to learn more about College and Post-Secondary Programs and for information on the benefits of starting a chapter in your area.