Program Overview

Through the India Study Abroad Program you will explore and experience the ways that globalization is impacting India’s culture and economy and see entrepreneurs in action in this dynamic, vibrant, rapidly changing country. You will tour industrial areas of two of India’s largest cities: Delhi and Mumbai and see how people work and live every day in the world’s second most populous nation. In addition, you will interface with college students in Pune and have the opportunity to compare your life, educational experiences, and goals with theirs. In the small community of Wai, you will have the chance to teach basic business concepts to middle-school students and compare the way people work and live in a rural community to the big metro areas. Also in Wai, you will participate in a microfinance project with a group of women entrepreneurs by teaching principles of business. Finally, you will visit important sites of cultural and historical significance, such as the Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, and Temples from major world religions! All participants will be enrolled in Management 2990: India Entrepreneurship Study Abroad, summer 2019 semester (3 credit hours).


In order to be eligible for this trip, all participants must meet the following requirements:

  • Have a minimum GPA of 2.0
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Have a valid passport
  • Show proof they can travel outside of the United States
  • Complete application packet
  • Provide proof of insurance

Participants are required to attend all pre-departure meetings and complete all assignments prior to trip.

Trip Date

July 22 to August 8, 2019 (trip dates tentative).


All participants will be enrolled in the following course for Summer 2019: MGMT 2990: India Entrepreneurship Study Abroad (3 credits) with instructor Corinne Anderson.

Faculty Contact

Corinne Anderson, Assistant Professor, Accounting
801-957-3929; BB 302K

Tyson Riskas, Assistant Professor, Business Management 
801-957-4358; BB 302C

Payment Schedule

Program costs include round trip airfare from Salt Lake City to New Delhi, in country transportation, all lodging, program-related excursions, entrance fees and most meals! It does not include tuition fees, passport or visa fees, baggage fees, souvenirs, or non-program related travel.

To make payments, complete the India Payment Form, and take payment to SLCC cashier’s window. Bring a copy of the filled our form and receipts to the Engaged Learning Office, Constructions Trades Building (Redwood Campus) 252/254, and keep a copy of for your records.

Item Amount Date Due
Deposit $500 December 3, 2018
First Payment $750 January 8, 2019
Second Payment $750 February 1, 2019
Third Payment $750 March 1, 2019
Fourth Payment $750 April 1, 2019
Total: $3,500

Please note that the November 2 is when the Engaged Learning Office will begin collecting deposits and when the payment schedule begins, but is NOT a deadline to apply for the program. Students may continue to apply after the payment schedule begins, but may need to catch up in payment. Contact the Engaged Learning Office for questions or concerns 801-957-4694.


To Be Determined

Application Process

Application Packet

Please Note: All program excursions require an extensive amount of walking including stairs, hills and rough terrain.