American Sign Language & Interpreting

American Sign Language Program

ASL Program Mission:    

The Salt Lake Community College ASL program is  committed to supporting the Deaf community by teaching students ASL, Deaf Culture & History. Its mission is to provide students with an appreciation of ASL and respect for the unique culture and history of those who are part of the Deaf community.


The program fulfills its mission by:

Offering an associates of art degree based on course work that will prepare students for career opportunities where proficiency in ASL is necessary.

Offering a program that provides opportunities for students to acquire knowledge and critical thinking skills, develop self confidence, experience personal growth and value cultural enrichment;

Maintaining an environment committed to teaching and learning, collegiality and the respectful and vigorous dialogue that nourishes active participation and service in a healthy democracy. 


ASL Program Philosophy:

It is the philosophy of  the Salt Lake Community College ASL Program that by providing students with meaningful educational experiences that balance skill development, historical knowledge, and cultural awareness, students will complete the program well prepared to transfer to various universities to obtain higher degrees in careers involving ASL and the Deaf community.
ASL Program Sample Schedule

Fall Semester I:
ASL 1020 - Beginning ASL II
MATH 1010 - Intermediate Algebra
ENG 1010 - Intro to Writing
COMM 1020 (IN) - Public Speaking

Spring Semester I:
ASL 2010 - Intermediate ASL I
ASL 1300 - Conversation I
ENG 2010 - Intermediate Writing
BS - Biological Science
MATH 1030 (QL)

Summer Semester:
ASL 2020 - Intermediate ASL II
LW - Lifelong Wellness

Fall Semester II:
ASL 2100 - ASL Proficiency Development
ASL 2710 - Intro to Deaf Art & Film
ASL 2300 - Conversation II
AI - American Institutions
FA - Fine Arts

Spring Semester II:
ASL 2700 - Intro to ASL Literature
ASL 2400 - Topics in ASL
COMM 2150 (ID) - Intercultural Communications
PS - Physical Science
SS - Social Science
HU - Humanities