School of Humanities and Social Sciences

We seek to help students to flourish not only economically, but intellectually and as human beings. We intend to prepare them to live and participate meaningfully in a pluralistic democratic society and in a rapidly changing global society. Our goal is that they understand the values necessary for the health of democracy, for the creation of a decent world culture, and for a robust global citizenship.

In support of this, we seek to cultivate in our students an appreciation for the life of the mind. We seek an open environment where students see themselves as active learners who feel that they can fearlessly take intellectual risks; where their curiosity can bloom and grow; where they accept responsibility for their own learning, discover and pursue their passions, and make their own knowledge. 

Fundamentally, then, we intend that education within the School of Humanities and Social Sciences be a continuing effort to examine our lives, our relations, our communities, and our futures, that it be an education that will reveal hidden ways of thinking and suggest alternative frameworks and better ways of living in an ever-changing world.


Taylorsville Redwood Campus
Room:  IAB 179
Phone: 801-957-4137