The Computer Sciences and Information Systems department prepares students to enter the workforce in a variety of information technology (IT) fields and/or to seamlessly transfer to a four year institution to continue IT related studies.

If you plan to transfer to a Utah four-year institution, make sure you're taking the right courses for ease of transfer to your future institution.

Program Contacts


It is required for you to see your appropriate Program Advisor. Advising sessions are available by appointment.

To schedule an appointment with an advisor:

  1. Log in at your MySLCC page.
  2. Select the “ADVISING” tab.
  3. Select “Login to MySuccess” option.
  4. Check your My Success Network on your homepage to see who your Primary Advisors are or use the list below to identify your correct advisor and type their name into the search bar.
  5. Click on the staff member you would like to meet to view their Schedule Appointment Button.
  6. Select your date, time, and location (in-office, phone, or WebEx video chat).

You will receive a confirmation email to your Bruinmail.

Advisor List

If your last name begins with A or B your advisor is:   
Jewly Harris
801-957-3905 (appointment required) 


If your last name begins with C, D, E, or F your advisor is: 
Russ Collett
801-957-4030 (appointment required) 


If your last name begins with G, H, I, J, K, or L your advisor is: 
Sim Kaur
801-957-3718 (appointment required) 


If your last name begins with M, N, O, P, Q, or R your advisor is: 
Alex Coulombe 
801-957-4238 (appointment required) 


If your last name begins with S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, OR Z your advisor is
Jewly Harris
801-957-3905 (appointment required)

Peer Mentor

Lincoln Eggertz 

We're now offering a four year Computer Science BS degree through Weber State University Partnership. This evening program is available to students who have completed certain lower division courses through Salt Lake Community College’s Computer Science and Information Systems Programs. Students should complete an CSIS Pre-Major Associate of Science degree at SLCC prior to transferring to Weber. Upper division course requirements will be completed through Weber at SLCC’s Taylorsville Redwood Campus. For more information, please contact Academic Advising.