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sine cera--DiverseCity Writing Series Anthology Radio Essays
Wasatch Ironpen sic: the CWC Online Magazine
Digital Storytelling This I Believe
30 Poems in 30 Days Freedom Writers
One City: West Side Stories Other Publications
Race: Perspectives from Utah Race Card Project

sine cera: a DiverseCity Writing Series Anthology

sine era began in 2003 as a way to showcase writing from the DiverseCity Writing Series. Every year, we publish a new edition of sine era and host a public reading to celebrate participants' work. The DWS currently has eleven writing groups that contribute to sine era. Throughout the city, people are writing and sharing their words with others.

If you are interested in submitting your work for the sine era, please fill out the Writer Consent Release form and bring it in to the Community Writing Center.

Current sine cera: Writing It Down

2014 sine cera: For Everything, A Season

sine cera: The Other Side Of The Window sine cera: Bread on Mondays
sine cera: Ninety-Five Pennies and a Nickel sine cera: A City Devoid of Sharp Edges
sine cera: Letting the Silence Go sine cera: Small Talk with a Winter Sky
sine cera: Wasatch Love Song sine cera: What I Think People Think About
sine cera: There Is a Shorter View sine cera: Saturday
sine cera: Awake sine cera: Two Old Guys from Brooklyn
sine cera: Unlocking My New Doors sine cera: So They Said
sine cera: People Are Strange

Wasatch Ironpen Literary Marathon

Ironpen 2016 Winners

Congrats to everyone who completed this year's 10th Anniversary Iron Pen! Each year, during the Utah Arts Festival, the SLCC Community Writing Center hosts the Wasatch Ironpen Literary Marathon. Participants are provided with a visual prompt and are given 24 hours to create a poem, short story or essay (or all three!)

Here are this year's winners. Congratulations!

Adult Ultra Ironpen

First Place: Pete Gomben

Honorable Mention: Joanne Chapman

Youth Ultra Ironpen

First Place: Bess Bateman

Honorable Mention: Aubrey Nyberg

Adult Fiction

  • First Place: Shavauna Peterson, If You Believe
  • Honorable Mention: Jessica Payne, Still Life Neon

Adult Poetry

  • First Place: Lin Ostler, Slideback to Gather the Sun
  • Honorable Mention: Trish Hopkinson, Temple City to Orlando

Adult Nonfiction

  • First Place: Pete Gomben, Niches
  • Honorable Mention: Lisha Yang, Things to tell my past self about SLC

Youth Fiction

  • First Place: Skye Caden, Motel Monster
  • Honorable Mention: Beatrice Teigen, Temple City Motel

Youth Poetry

Digital Storytelling

The artists featured for tonight’s showcase display their talents through the up and coming medium known as digital storytelling. By combining images, music, pictures, video, and voice-over narration their stories can be presented in personal and scholastic fashions. If you have any interest in digital storytelling or would like more information about the artists please contact the SLCC Community Writing Center. Enjoy the stories!

Shine: Lisa Bickmore

Flower Girl: Dodi Weiler

The Library: Diane Lockhard

Daddy’s Little Girl: Amber Rojas

Sticky Plastic Picture Protectors: Jason Mcfarland

Crispin: Thalia Sebresos

Beginning of a Journey: Rachel McCloskey

Jon’s Story: Jon Westling

Competition: 30 Poems in 30 Days

The CWC is proud to announce the winners of our first annual 30 Poems in 30 Days contest!

1st place Adult: Austin Anderson: I Met a Man Who Spoke for Earth and Sky

Honorable Mention Adult: Trish Hopkinson: Pieced Into Treetops

Honorable Mention Youth: Alexis Isle

We would like to thank all of the outstanding poets who participated in this year’s contest. We sincerely appreciate you sharing your talent with us.

Freedom Writers

Freedom writers

In partnership with the larger Salt Lake City Freedom Riders Project headed by KUED, the CWC celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Movement; particularly, the 400 Americans who, in 1961, got on buses and risked their lives in defense of Americans’ Civil Rights. The CWC invited community members to share their written story of civil rights as it relates to their experience or the change they want to see. This was all prompted by the question: While we’ve come a long way, are we there yet?

SLCC Community Writing Center (CWC) invites you to share your written story of CIVIL RIGHTS as it relates to your experience or the change you want to see. Whether it's poetry, essays or testimonials, your writing will be shared with the community in multiple ways.

Read the Freedom Writers Publication

One City: West Side Stories

Salt Lake City may be the biggest small town in the west, but it consists of many smaller diverse communities. In partnership with the Salt Lake City Library, the Community Writing Center presents One City: Westside Stories. This program invites community members living on the Westside to participate in mutual dialogue about their community. High school students and senior citizens will interview each other about their experiences living in this vibrant community. To learn more about our partnerships with the Salt Lake City public library click here.

In April, Sorenson Center teens and seniors from the Sunday-Anderson Senior Center engaged in an evening of dialogue from different generational perspectives. These conversations have been refocused into written work about their community. The interviews and shared writing between teens and seniors will become an on-line portrait of the West Side.


Read the Reflections:
Ellen Roberts: The Field; a Childhood Memory
Amelia King: Community Senior Center
Javier Cabrera: Untitled
Jenna Casas: One City Westside Stories
John Florez: Westside Has Community Pride, Strong Values
Cathy Brasher: Rose Park 1955-1963
Listen to the Interviews:
Afton Blackwell with Amelia King
Frank Bond with Andre
Jenna Casas with Kitty Web
Jenna Casas with Wilma Peterson
Mario with Ellen Roberts
Steven Cabera with Leo Loya
John Florez with Daniel Casas

Radio Essays

Radio is one of the most democratic forms of media—it’s free, almost everyone has access to it and it offers immediate insight and connection through voice.  Writing for radio is a great way to connect with others and share your ideas and opinions.  This past November, in 2010, the CWC hosted a writing for radio workshop that covered the basics of writing for radio, including tools for crafting a strong narrative and engaging listeners. The writers’ narratives were then recorded at the CWC. Listen to the radio essays from local Utah residents below!

sic: the CWC Online Magazine

sic is an online publication showcasing writing generated in Writing Workshops. All workshop participants are welcome to submit their writing online or bring their work into the CWC. Submissions should include the writer's name, phone number, and the the workshop that was attended. For more information, contact the CWC at (801) 957-2192.

  • Winter 2008

This I Believe

This I Believe

Created to model the 1950s radio program hosted by Edward R. Murrow, This I Believe is a national media project engaging people in writing, sharing, and discussing the core values and beliefs that guide their daily lives.

No one sees the world quite the way you do. Participate in the historic This I Believe series, and come together with CWC writers and the KUER staff to explore your beliefs through writing.

Read the This I Believe Essays

Read other essays submitted by Utahns

Other Publications

Before sine cera

Before launching sine era, the DiverseCity Writing Series worked with local organizations in two-month writing workshops, each culminating in a publication and a public reading.
Healing Together, with the Cancer Wellness House
Wisdom in Words, with Justice, Economic Independence and Dignity for Women
Turning Pages to Mature Wisdom, with the Liberty Senior Center
Shelter Writes, with The Road Home Shelter

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