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DiverseCity Writing Series Spring Reading
Join the SLCC Community Writing Center as we celebrate the writers of the DiverseCity Writing Series. Come hear members of your community share their thoughts, ideas and stories at this public reading. Cost: Free No registration required.

April 17 (Th), 6-9 p.m.
4th Floor Conference Room at the Main Library, 210 E. 400 S.
Cost: Free
Registration is not required.

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Race Card Header

The Project:
Based on Michele Norris’ online project, The Race Card Project ( instigates candid dialogue about race, ethnicity and cultural identity.
The Race Card:
Think about the word race. Distill your thoughts, experiences or observations about race into one sentence that has only six words.
Race Card Wall Locations:
SLCC Community Writing Center, 210 E. 400 S., Library Square
SLCC Student Writing Center and Thayne Center for Service Learning, 4600 S. Redwood Rd. and 1575 S. State St.
Use your six-word sentence to inspire six-hundred words (or more) as a poem, an essay or a story to be included in a published anthology. Submit to the SLCC Community Writing Center by February 15, 2014:

Other Events:
  • Michele Norris at the Grand Theatre (1575 S. State), February 11, from 7-9 p.m. For more info about Michele Norris and the Race Card Project click here
  • "Let's Talk About Race" A college-wide Conversation on Race with Frankie Condon. February 27, 2014 2:30-4:00 p.m. Taylorsville Redwood Campus, Oak Room 4600 S. Redwood Road, Taylorsville, Utah. For more information click here
  • Race Card Exhibit, Salt Lake City Public Library (210 E. 400 S.), February 1-28, 2014
  • “Talk With Me, Not About Me”, Panel and Community Discussion at Salt Lake Community College, Multipurpose Room, (1575 S. State), March 25, 2014 from 6-8 p.m.
  • Writing and Social Justice Conference, "The Dream Revisited" Wed. April 23, 2014 from 2:00-7:00pm. For More information click here
  • Community Reading, Race: Perspectives Anthology, Wed. April 23, 2014 at the Salt Lake Main Public Library (210 E. 400 S.) from 6:30-8:30 p.m.
  • For more information, contact the SLCC CWC at 801.957.2192 or visit

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Frankie Condon


Past Events

2013 Wasatch Ironpen Literary Marathon

During the the 2013 Utah Arts Festival, the SLCC Community Writing Center hosted the Wasatch Ironpen Literary Marathon. Provided with a visual prompt (a picture of a sego lily), contestants were given 24 hours to create a poem, short story or essay.

For more information about the Utah Arts Festival, visit the festival website at

Here are this year's winners. Congratulations!


1st Place Ultra Iron Pen ­—Adult
Linda Brady - “Butterfly Weed,” “Sego Songs,” “Lily Say Go”

Honorable Mention Iron Pen ­—Adult
RJ Walker - “Bulb Eater,” “What’s in a Name?,” “Consider the Lilies”

 1st Place Ultra Iron Pen ­—Youth
Aubrey Nyberg - “To Please Yourself ”

 1st Place Adult Poetry
Rachel White - “Sego Lily”

Honorable Mention ­—Adult Poetry
Lin Ostler - “Sego Lily Addresses Her Cousin, Death Camus”

1st Place ­—Youth Poetry
Anna Grace Roelofs - “Sego Lily”

1st Place ­—Adult Fiction
: Carol Lynne George - “In Bloom”

Honorable Mention ­—Adult Fiction
Jessica Payne - “Contracting Roots”

Honorable Mention ­—Adult Fiction
Sandra Osborn - “Wilted”

 1st Place ­—Youth Fiction
Madeline Galian - “The Sego Lily” 

 Honorable Mention ­—Youth Fiction
Maya Johnson - “Confessions”

1st Place Adult ­—Non-Fiction
Ariel Gracey - “Listen to the Legends”

 Honorable Mention ­—Adult Non-Fiction
Diane Lockard - “Sego Lilies Save Lives”


 Utah Freedom Writers

In partnership with the larger Salt Lake City Freedom Riders Project headed by KUED, the CWC celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Movement; particularly, the 400 Americans who, in 1961, got on buses and risked their lives in defense of Americans' Civil Rights. The CWC invited community members to share their written story of civil rights as it relates to their experience or the change they want to see. This was all prompted by the question: While we've come a long way, are we there yet?
SLCC Community Writing Center (CWC) invites you to share your written story of CIVIL RIGHTS as it relates to your experience or the change you want to see. Whether it's poetry, essays or testimonials, your writing will be shared with the community in multiple ways.

How to Submit:

Submit your poetry, essay or testimonial of 500-1000 words to the SLCC Community Writing Center from May 1st - September 1, 2011

open to all ages

Email submissions to:

Or, drop off/mail to:
SLCC Community Writing Center

210 East 400 South,

Suite 8 Salt Lake CIty, Utah 84111


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