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sixth annual sor juana Prize

logoAnnouncing the Sixth Annual Sor Juana Prize for original poetry and short stories in Spanish.

This year the $100 cash prizes will be awarded for two poems and two short stories written in Spanish by high school students and adults residing in Utah (8 prizes in total). The winners will be announced at the Utah Humanities Book Festival in Salt Lake City this fall.

The prizes are for an original poem or short story written by a student or adult whose primary language at home is Spanish (Category I), and another for an original poem or shorts story written by a student or adult who speaks Spanish as a second language (Category II). The winning poems and stories will be published on the website of Artes de México en Utah and in El Semanal magazine, and sent to media statewide.

See rules and submission details in Spanish and English.


Anunciando el Sexto Premio Anual Sor Juana por poesía original y cuentos en español.

Este año el premio de $100 será otorgado a dos poemas y dos prosas originales en español por estudiantes de escuela secundaria superior y por adultos en general que deseen participar en el concurso.

Los ganadores del premio serán anunciados durante el Festival del Libro de Utah Humanities en Salt Lake City en el otoño. Los premios son para un poema o n ovela corta original escrita por un estudiante o un adulto que el español sea su lengua materna (Categoría I), y un poema o novela corta escrita por un estudiante o adulto que el español sea su segunda lengua (Categoria II). Las obras ganadoras serán publicadas en nuestra página electrónica, la revista El Semanal y otros medios de comunicación en el estado.

Ver las reglas y los detalles en español y inglés.

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fall 2017 newsletter first page

"For this month’s Literary Issue of SLUG Magazine, my Editor sent me on special assignment to learn about slam poetry. Prior to learning of this beloved spoken-word art form, the only slams I was familiar with was slam-dancing, slam dunks, the Grand Slam breakfast combo at Denny’s, and the classic early-’90s hit Slam by the hardcore rap group Onyx, which goes: 'SLAM! Da, duh, duh! Da, duh, duh! LET THE BOYS BE BOYS!' An underrated hit for sure."

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SLCC's writing program boasts success

SALT LAKE CITY — A few years ago, John Wilkes ended up the last place he expected to be — in a homeless shelter.

“That was just a product of a lot of heavy drinking, losing a job and being told by my partner to get out of his house and I had nowhere to go,” he said.

He was staying at the Road Home shelter when he wandered across the street to a then-new storefront program begun by Salt Lake Community College English associate professor Tiffany Rousculp.

Read the rest of this inspiring story on KSL to see how writing can make a difference in a person’s life.