Department of History, Anthropology, and Political Science

The history program is designed to expose students to a variety of history fields and to the methods used by historians.

Students who complete the program will be well prepared to undertake upper division history courses or complete a four-year degree.

Our faculty specializes in varied topics such as American west, intellectual history, politics, international relations, gender and women's history, immigration, religious history, urban and environmental history. History students can therefore explore and select history courses based on their interests, time periods, and regions.

The department lays stress on written, oral and analytical skills thereby preparing students for several careers in teaching, research, government and administration.


Announcing Fall 2014: History/English Learning Community Class!

  • History and Writing - take HIST 1700-019 and English 2010-011 together. 
    • 41033 History 1700-019
    • 40532  English 2010-011

Marianne F. McKnight
Associate Dean

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Academic Administrative Building
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Laura Rice
Administrative Assistant
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Sidney McGuire Brown
Academic Advisor
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