How to get a OneCard

New Students

You can obtain a OneCard at one of four ID center locations. New Students will receive an orientation packet of information explaining when and where to get your OneCard. You must be enrolled in classes for the current semester to receive your card, and must also present another form of picture ID. The cost of your first OneCard is covered by student fees. There is a replacement fee of $20 if you lose your OneCard, see Lost Cards page for more information.

Continuing Students

If you are a returning student and have the old Discover® OneCard and have money on the Discover side of your card, you can view our Mastercard FAQ page for options on how to transfer your money from Discover to Mastercard®. If you did not get a OneCard, it is mandatory to have college issued ID as well as a benefit for on-campus use and access to areas and events, so make sure you go pick up your OneCard!

Have Your College Refund Deposited Directly to Your OneCard

If you are interested in receiving your college refunds on your Mastercard/Money Network® OneCard, login to the consent form to authorized SLCC to process your refunds onto your card, then call the number on the back of the card to activate it. Please note: It may take anywhere from 6 - 12hrs after you get your card for your account to be available to activate so if you can't activate it wait for a few hours and then try again. Note: Funds from SLCC will vary based on your circumstances of when your refunds have been authorized and processed by the college. Once that is complete your funds will go onto your card the next business day.

Can't remember your student number?

Read the information provided on Student ID page, then click on the online form to retrieve your S number.

If you need additional information please contact one of the ID Centers.


Staff and Faculty may obtain their OneCard from any ID center. A OneCard ID Authorization form must be signed by department supervisors. The cost is $10. You may pay in cash, check or ask your supervisor for authorization to use your department's index code. It is mandatory to have college issued ID, so don't delay in getting your OneCard!


Alumni who wish to get a OneCard can visit the Redwood ID center with the appropriate authorization form. The card fee is $5.00.