OneCard Withdrawals

Campus Fund Accounts Withdrawal

Student, Staff, and Faculty can withdraw funds they have deposited onto their Bruin Bucks account provided they complete a OneCard withdrawal request form at any of the ID center locations. Verification is required and a signature is required on the withdrawal form. Funds on the OneCard account will stay there from semester to semester, year to year as long as the account is active and will not be refunded unless requested by the account holder. Generally, a period of five to seven days is required to receive your funds, a check will be mailed to the address provided by the account holder.

Money Network Fund Withdrawals

You can withdraw funds off your Mastercard® OneCard, at any Allpoint ATM or the designated ATM's that are on campus (up to $500 a day).

Use a Money Network Check®, Write out your check, then Call Customer Service at 1-800-822-4283 to get an issuer and transaction number that must be printed on the face of the check.

Unclaimed OneCard Balances

OneCard campus funds (Bruin Bucks) with no activity for one year will be considered abandoned and will escheat to the State of Utah. A service charge of $20 will be assessed against the card balance.

Campus Card Employees only

Withdrawal Form